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  1. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197986685890
  2. Auction will continue toll the end of the night. If people bid it will continue into the weekend. Good luck o/
  3. The Oban adius is up for sale! Rules!!! It has a hidden reserve, Will get it Ic'd if you want (lazy bought it on forums). 2 cv bid addition? I accept Diamonds 5/10/15, events Magicites/NPC. If other events put CV value next to bid. Auction will end Friday 3/15/2019 and here is the adius. CO: 30cv luka Cv reserve was not met maybe next time.
  4. sox207

    Item Check Thread

    hi again o/ https://puu.sh/B7lZx/465a7db0ee.png https://puu.sh/B7m5O/1b78c723ea.png
  5. sox207

    Item Check Thread

    Need ic https://puu.sh/B4MNL/7619749b67.png https://puu.sh/B4MOw/99ed840d01.png https://puu.sh/B4MOM/7ac207901d.png please and thanks <3
  6. sox207

    Item Check Thread

    check please <3 https://puu.sh/AWS21/5511236a02.png https://puu.sh/AWS2L/78e2b4a666.png https://puu.sh/AWS2t/edbf28a1df.png
  7. Ended reserve not met
  8. sox207

    Item Check Thread

    ic plz <3 & thanks https://puu.sh/AQKa5/ed47e2378e.png https://puu.sh/AQKas/51192a0ca3.png https://puu.sh/AQKfG/e2a2b3cbdf.png https://puu.sh/AQKhe/d739f71af5.png https://puu.sh/ASk8s/96db565b6e.png
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