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  1. I must be blind. I can not locate 3 or 1 Edit: found them
  2. I was just on Reddit and thought I saw one for dungeon defenders under r/GameDeals I think it's like 3 bucks
  3. I really friggin' hate online games that do this. It's not like they are better than found gear. You take time and have fun, and get a currency item. It seems pretty fair
  4. We did this for the last one, figured i'd set up a poll.
  5. Ended up selling 11 for 1B and 4Kobs. so I guess some people want them in the game. lol
  6. I messed up on the spelling... they are spelled Kobold.
  7. I can provide screen shots if needed. They are 600 in 3 tower stats. 4th tower nonexistent. Have a 600 in another stat and then about 50-300 in random others. any feed back is appreciated.
  8. I bounce around maps because I get bored with a build. Mysty has been good to me lately. though KG is pretty consistent
  9. It seems there is an esablished values range for normal coal, but i was wondering what everyone's thought on small coal were
  10. You can probably build mysty NM surv. if you up your summoner a bit. I'd start there and then progress up. you can find decent myth to better gear and trans. Squire: looks fine for most maps (slowly invest in damge/rate/health) Monk: less range and more health/rate i think the soft cap is at about 1800 for range trapper: for a minimum probably want around 1.5k stats on it EV: guessing that is a waller? I personally have an ev for buffs and quick walls and then a dedicated wall ev if needed (i'd up the health and damage though) Summoner: need to up all of it. It might work on mysty w
  11. Some time soon they will be sold. lol
  12. i'd offer 1cube each:P I have a price check going on over in the trading, i just want to show people the lucky i had.. lol I did 4 cats runs, in 2 of those i got ult++ the other 2 I had 2 normal ults and a supreme or two.
  13. Just pulled 2 ult++ so far today. They are both monk weaps. If anyone is interested they are both from sky city. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=120895749 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=120884727
  14. I have about 520 hours in the game and have acquired one pice of ult armor. That been said it is great piece with 400 damgae, rate and 300 health with about 380 ups. But i see people with full ult sets on ever single one of their characters. The sets aren't outrageous, but they are questionable. Some how not a single stat is negative or how they got all those ults for 9 characters in the first place. I think many sets are hacked well enough to not be over-done and have believeable stats/ ups. You don't need 5k stats to finish any lvl. so many shoot for a 3-4k believable set.
  15. Though the sparus may say only 30k it tosses out more damage than say a 60k wrench. It's just how those weaps scale.
  16. Played with a boost monk today. Had about 4 health and 2k attack, then about 2.5-3k in both abilities. (he had quite good gear) I would personally use a mana genie so you can hold boosts longer. Also gameplay, I know they are very helpful for say Sky city where you only build one spot heavily. Other thank that, i think you have the general idea down.
  17. E-spear for melee STS for range damage, but doesn't have much range Obsidian highest damage for having range (attacks the same spread as wrench) Also a 25k sparus will wipe the floor with a 25k wrench
  18. thanks, i'll just check it out and seem if changes are needed. thanks.
  19. Wondering if anyone had a link for the ddplanner for this? If not any input if appreciated.
  20. I think the easiest is Tavern NM on pure strat. Just run waves 7-20. If you happen to have decent auras/buffs it's quite easy.
  21. title says it all. need help figuring out a build. any help is appreciated.
  22. So here is a link to my monk, I've been slowly upping him and don't have more than 400ish ups left on this armor. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=116658843 Should I put it into damage and res? Or do I need more health? Also Should i be putting more in boost or just make a monk purely for boosting towers? Any feedback is appreciated.
  23. Yeah I was wondering if more small coal was needed or if they are just going to be item box filler.
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