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  1. Having time to play the game instead of being busy with university 24/7 ...
  2. Gotta love these guys <3 cant wait to join isom's love shack
  3. Gutu

    Server List

    Guys... we waited and waited... AND... IS THIS IT?! Necroing this for the sake of sending a notification to everyone who supported this idea, please direct all the feedback of this matter to the thread linked above!
  4. HELLO MY FELLOW DEFENDERS! (I missed you too!) I couldn't believe it myself when i read this on the patch notes and i can't believe no one flipped their shards about it! (link for image) IT's TRUE! it's happening!!! ? HOW DO YOU FEEL?! *note* in case i sound like i lack a little sanity right now, this has been a long waited feature for a lot of people (as you can see in this thread)!
  5. banned 'cause i haven't played in so long, also another ban for the last 3 pages here being 26 26 26
  6. Since nobody used it I shut it off, i will edit this, sorry for the trouble guys!
  7. I see the Hero Deck is still a target of a lot of people's attentions! AH WILD GUTU APPEARED! Anyway seems the community keeps growing and people keep being real about their opinions which is good and like always the devs been listening and doing their amazing work. Keep the great job going guys and HAII ISOM HOWS IT GOING MAN?! Anyway, haven't played in a while i know there are more character slots, I dunno how the game is right now but I still think the way would be to have no limit but something had to be done in terms of gameplay (and not paying) to achieve more slots. Well my opinion doesn't matter much i just really came to give a quick check on the forums and found this interesting and wanted to say HI!
  8. Banned for being a part of such huge notification
  9. Sounds like you are feeling the same way i felt when i made this thread, not saying it's exactly the same you are suggesting, but if you wanna take a look feel free to do so: https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/115466/server-list
  10. This time for real™ hahaha i miss these forums, keep the amazing work guys!
  11. Gutu

    Server List

    I have been a bit off the forums for a while but every now and then i check and read a few things and i saw in the past devlog that the amazing dev [[67667,users]] was gonna work on the social aspect of the matchmaking system. I'm pretty sure this thread can be of use for some ideas! Even if not applied into a server list, the option to select what role you are playing and having the matchmaking system adding you into a party more fitting of your mood or skills at that moment would be wonderful! Anyway thanks everyone for their attention and love, I might be off DD2 for while and will still remain for a bit longer due to time issues, but i still think it's going in a amazing path and something like this would be an amazing addition, it's just wonderful to see how many people feel the same way I do. With that said, I believe and trust Trendy team, if they don't get something like this in, they'll probably get something that's as good or even better. This was just my take on the system.
  12. Dunno about yours, but, mine looks pretty cute and sexy
  13. It was there long before the game hit on steam >_> just saying... One of the rewards for the council was actually a tavern customization.
  14. Looks so good, can't wait to be able to solo co-op! o/ Forever Alone ftw! Anyway a few quesitons: How is loot handled? Is it still individual?How does the deck work, do both players get only to chose from the same deck? Or each can have individual decks?
  15. As I suggested before, imo for DD2, the best option would be a actual way for a builder to be a dpser, so that it promotes activity, if you could have the very same hero you use to build, actually dealing damage and being worth something i'm quite sure the game could require more activity from you without breaking the game by making it too hard and would probably mean combat (dps) would be taken more seriously. So you can kinda say i'm both.
  16. No ETA but it is or at least was intended to be here before release.
  17. Stated by the developers there will be more weapon variety, visual and in the weapon works itself, things like projectiles and who knows rate. This wasn't specified but it was mentioned the current state is not the intended. The way it is atm, you level up and all your stats increase, you're misjudging this, this means your characters getting overall strong by level up, the specialization can be even more unique than even on DD1 'cause of the sphere system and the amount of stats one can get it's just the same. Being able to spend a very small amount of points would not change anything at all, it would just make the already weak even weaker for silly reasons. The idea of a higher level hero being a lil better than a lower level hero overall without counting with gear is logical and since you still get to mannage your stats perfectly fine i don't see where is the lack of individual character progression. The hatch time... The pets are meant to be something more unique, that's why you'll be able to reroll their stats. Right now they drop quite often, but if you keep in mind that there will be more eggs, then getting the egg you want in a regular playing time would be too hard. The functionalities are so different, I go surprised many many times, It's Dungeon Defenders 2, it has parts of Dungeon Defenders 1 that got worked on and got it's own new unique touch going on. If you were expecting a complete different game maybe you shouldn't be playing a sequel of a game? About the towers, hmmm they work so much differently and scream for way more balance than DD1, not to mention the sphere system and the way it affects them. Well there's so much i wanna say but the post would get into a giant wall of text, a lot of features are still placeholders as to expect of a game that it's still on it's core development, the same points you made here, if they were here i would bet we'd see people asking for the exactly the opposite. I mean sure okay, you want this or that but, have you tried to accept it and play with it instead of playing against this? I was one of the most opposed persons to basically every feature in DD2, but then i stopped fighting against it and tried to understand and play with it, turns out I can't even play DD1 now due to all the things that DD2 made me love.
  18. It does not care for the class when matchmaking I believe, so, it just happens a lot of people use huntress and monks because their combo is broken OP since it can perma stun.
  19. Reembolso so com a steam, mandaste em portugues ou ingles? De momento so tem em ingles. Podias especificar em que parte é que tens o erro? translating: He can't play he contacted support but nothing happened.
  20. Heavy Cannon seems to be useful and by far the only one near what could possibly be accepted as balanced. It's the only one that you feel okay with using because it's not broken OP or you're not making yourself weaker by using it.
  21. If you kept reading, it does mention that some of the rewards are not in-game, which is the tower skins case. Once they're made you'll probably be able to get them somehow.
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