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  1. Hopefully really hard, but if you play efficiently, summit surv 25 should be doable within thE first 24 hours
  2. I think it still uses mana or at least it seemed like it and at least on my walls it felt Like it only Repaired when it got to 50%
  3. in your spreadsheet you also claim that stre drain reduces damage by not a lot; but base (0 upgrades) is somewhere between 40-50% damage reduction. That pretty much doubles all the defenses health inside it on base level. I havent tested if upgrading increases damage reduction but it feels like it does
  4. if you got enough dps then darkness is better for your buck than str drain . Unless its a multiple ogre lane, I take darkness + flames over gas or strengh drain... cause darkess works on DEWs, which are the highest health mob in game except ogres. gas trap would only be better vs kobolds, but they have so little health that a flame alone has enough dps to kill them before they fuse if its properly placed
  5. the amount of people using macros for auto-ready or physical keyboard tricks to hold G right now kinda shows how much this feature would be used by the community. edit: funny and somewhat relevant post on reddit:
  6. I am unable to invite most of the people after wave 1 or 2, they just get sent back to main menu constantly, this didn't happen in the begining tho, im guessing about 4 days or something ago you could invite on 24 even
  7. Are you building on the stairs? sometimes mobs walk on top of walls since the elevation makes it so that you can walk over them. But I also had some weird stuff happening when I wasn't watching where I'm not sure what it was and an ogre was standing on the otherside of the wall too, altho the placement was not 100% on stairs
  8. you can probably get away with lessers stats tho, just make sure your traps and walls dont die before wave end or you repair them
  9. The party was me (Anfifo/Gutu), Space, Futurum and Twisted Karma, we did it on my stream but I dont record vods yet sadly Space was actually the mastermind behind the build, he's insane! His gear out of this world
  10. Can confirm we really did this, it was insane. Wyverns do trigger traps if they're sort of close, and the vertical explosion of the traps are really great actually, obviously the ogres being really weak vs darkness traps was a major influence. Anyhow it was freaking amazing!
  11. Having time to play the game instead of being busy with university 24/7 ...
  12. Gotta love these guys <3 cant wait to join isom's love shack
  13. Gutu

    Server List

    Guys... we waited and waited... AND... IS THIS IT?! Necroing this for the sake of sending a notification to everyone who supported this idea, please direct all the feedback of this matter to the thread linked above!
  14. HELLO MY FELLOW DEFENDERS! (I missed you too!) I couldn't believe it myself when i read this on the patch notes and i can't believe no one flipped their shards about it! (link for image) IT's TRUE! it's happening!!! ? HOW DO YOU FEEL?! *note* in case i sound like i lack a little sanity right now, this has been a long waited feature for a lot of people (as you can see in this thread)!
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