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  1. Nor will the weapon you get on mas survival, you have to have a stable build, if you're building for a dps race on the boss it's not really gonna work out even with a good weapon. I'm not saying it didn't get harder, but it's by no means impossible, the str drain not applying is indeed annoying, but if you're running squire it shouldn't as bad as long as you understand how the aggro works in this boss fight you can just corner him as long as your build holds and if you got a 2nd person you don't even need to worry about repairing the stuff yourself. So how the aggro works is that this boss (doesn't apply to goblin mech god knows why) always attacks the one closest to him. Its very easy to aggro him until he starts flying, when he starts flying he will look at the person closest to him and fly backswards while shooting fireballs, if you keep this in mind as squire tank you can perfectly control the boss even when he's flying, what I do, I try to put his back into a corner so that when he flies he doesn't run away from me. An annoying attack that usually kills defenses is the fire that goes through the ground, if you're aggroing, specially as squire this fire will come to you, if you move while he sends his fire or if you're too close, the fire will curve and try to hit you after doing a curve, so you have to keep this in mind and have no defenses near the spot you are at when you're aggroing him, and never have a defense behind you in case the ground fire goes in a straight line at you. With practice this gets easier. Don't get me wrong guys I'm just trying to help, I think he hits way too hard but I don't think it's impossible at all nor a weapon problem. If your walls are going down too fast try putting them on a buff beam made by your waller EV and they will be really tanky
  2. Why don't you get the boss weapon from campaign? Also you can get squire and use any dps pet it's even easier; Siren with immunity to your weapon will be a big issue always solo, it's not weapon related, you can manage by constantly upgrading the walls until you kill boss, or try tanking both boss and ogre, or if you're squire just build more walls on that ogres' path... there's some ways to work around it. But yeah getting siren of your weapon's element on solo is just the worst thing possible in the world
  3. Having time to play the game instead of being busy with university 24/7 ...
  4. Gotta love these guys <3 cant wait to join isom's love shack
  5. Gutu

    Server List

    Guys... we waited and waited... AND... IS THIS IT?! Necroing this for the sake of sending a notification to everyone who supported this idea, please direct all the feedback of this matter to the thread linked above!
  6. HELLO MY FELLOW DEFENDERS! (I missed you too!) I couldn't believe it myself when i read this on the patch notes and i can't believe no one flipped their shards about it! (link for image) IT's TRUE! it's happening!!! ? HOW DO YOU FEEL?! *note* in case i sound like i lack a little sanity right now, this has been a long waited feature for a lot of people (as you can see in this thread)!
  7. banned 'cause i haven't played in so long, also another ban for the last 3 pages here being 26 26 26
  8. Since nobody used it I shut it off, i will edit this, sorry for the trouble guys!
  9. I see the Hero Deck is still a target of a lot of people's attentions! AH WILD GUTU APPEARED! Anyway seems the community keeps growing and people keep being real about their opinions which is good and like always the devs been listening and doing their amazing work. Keep the great job going guys and HAII ISOM HOWS IT GOING MAN?! Anyway, haven't played in a while i know there are more character slots, I dunno how the game is right now but I still think the way would be to have no limit but something had to be done in terms of gameplay (and not paying) to achieve more slots. Well my opinion doesn't matter much i just really came to give a quick check on the forums and found this interesting and wanted to say HI!
  10. Banned for being a part of such huge notification
  11. Sounds like you are feeling the same way i felt when i made this thread, not saying it's exactly the same you are suggesting, but if you wanna take a look feel free to do so: https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/115466/server-list
  12. This time for real™ hahaha i miss these forums, keep the amazing work guys!
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