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  1. My thoughts. Dailys - Gold, EXP, Defender Medals. Monthlys - Gold, EXP, Defender Medals, "Specials" "Specials" - Golden egg, gear, rare lockbox, set of 10 lockbox keys, unique pet, 60 minute buff consumable, etc. Replace wyvern tokens with defender medals to unify and condense currencies. Exchange all players' current wyvern tokens with defender medals, gold, or a combination.
  2. This thread's feedback was quite clear. 'TE, get rid of the incremental NM difficulties and just give us one unified NM game mode with unique challenges and enemies.' That's some solid feedback imo. Whether or not you agree with his tone/frustration is one thing, but you can't go on saying he's not giving feedback.
  3. TE has read these feedback threads of mine. They're also working on revamping/rebalancing towers, heroes, and enemies. We'll have to wait and see what they decide to do. LOL Hey at least I broke it up into multiple posts :)
  4. Yeah way too soon to be 'spreading the word'. I'm not even playing the game myself atm lol, how can I get friends involved? Until I see the changes they have planned for towers, enemies, gear, etc., I'll be on the fence.
  5. Thanks for the response and for taking the time to read the threads. Regarding sub-objs, the issue is simple. They're way too close to enemy spawns to provide strategic depth. You just build right in front of the subs and that's that. Solving that issue is not simple though. The real problems here are that the maps are too small and lanes are too straight forward. Making the maps larger and with more complex lane paths could warrant the use of subs to replace DD1's multiple cores. This is the reason that "Map Design" wasn't one of my feedback threads. Solving these issues mean re-designing existing maps, and changing the philosophy and style of designing future maps altogether. Who am I to demand such a thing? On smaller maps like Siphon and Bazaar, they should be removed outright. On larger maps like Little-Horn, it gets a bit more complicated. I'll just say that even on the larger maps, they don't enrich the strategy involved in placing towers.
  6. Yeah while most people's major concern is the HD, I'm over here worrying that I still won't like the game after it's improved. What matters most to me is the 4-way interaction between enemies, towers, maps, and gear. It sounds like a lot, but apparently most people are either fine with these four things, or don't know how to articulate their issues with them. TE is looking at all these things atm. I just hope they consider our feedback while doing so. Still no responses from my gear thread, despite it's popularity. Things that need changing imo; - RNG passives need to go. Replace with mastery tree or move the game-changing passives to spheres. - More stats to choose from (movement speed, casting rate). - Upgrading gear and leveling your pet need to be more simple and intuitive, less grindy and chore-like. - Towers need re-balancing and re-purposing. - Sub-objectives need to go, and maps need to be bigger with more interesting lanes. - Enemies need identity changes, balance tweaks, new enemies need to be introduced. Even with the hero deck completely removed and frosty nerfed, I still wouldn't enjoy this game. I'll be waiting for the bigger changes listed above since TE has stated in the past two devstreams that they're working on enemies, gear, maps, and towers.
  7. I still contend that TE should bring back casting rate. One of my favorite roles in DD1 was overcharge/casting rate/movement speed App. Could repair an entire map's worth of towers before my Squire buddy could repair his wall :D That this game has boiled down to damage and damage only in terms of what roles we get to choose from on the battlefield is boring.
  8. So TE wants to know what we think about the new hero deck. More specifically, what should happen to towers if we are allowed to change up our deck in build phase. Figured we could all discuss it here to give them a concentrated 'go to' thread. My personal opinion is that the towers should stay, but at a price. There will be three tiers of tower strength. Tier 1 - App builds Flameburst. App stays for combat phase. Flameburst is 100% damage/HP. Tier 2 - App builds Flameburst. App goes into deck for combat phase. Flameburst is at 90% damage/HP. Tier 3 - App builds Flameburst. App gets swapped out of deck entirely for combat phase. Flameburst is at 80% damage/HP. Thus, we have incentive for both builders and DPSers. DPS during combat brings DPS obviously. Builder during combat brings tower DPS. Strategic choice; can my DPS hero do more damage than 10% or 20% of App's towers? Another layer of strategic choice; choosing which heroes stay in deck. Say you have 5 builders and one DPS. You have to boot 2 builders out of deck for combat. Which ones can afford the 20% hit? Waller? Builder with least amount of towers on map? In any case, those are my thoughts. On to you guys. What do you guys think about how this situation could be handled?
  9. I have a feeling about what will be revealed. - New look - Significant exp bonus/sharing - 2 to 4 new slots for purchase - Own more than one deck (perhaps in the future when there are more heroes)
  10. In the OP, I stated that for something like this to be added, all current passives would need to be removed.
  11. Weird how DD1 never seemed to have this issue, despite not having passive RNG gear. Weird how people still had to farm to get unique weapons, full sets of matching gear, perfect stats, upgrade them all, and repeat for whole pool of heroes. Weird how explosively popular DD1 was, and how much replay value it offered. It's almost as if we should keep some of the core features of the prequel intact since it did so well.
  12. You're a special case dream lol. I don't know how you find the time or willpower to sink in 1k+ hours.
  13. How many builds do you use? If you use one or two, I can understand. If you want to branch out and try 4+ different builds, it becomes a headache. You can build the Squire for cannons, ballistas, or walls. App can frosty, pyro, or wall (rare). Huntress can blaze balloon, trap, or PDT (rare). Monk can serenity, lightning aura, or hybridize. Melee can pure tank, tank/AP, tank/DPS, AP/DPS, AP/crit, DPS/crit. Ranged can DPS/crit, DPS/AP, AP/crit. Go farm a full set for each of the above options and lemme know if it was tedious or not. I bet you'd get bored of the game a quarter way through. Playing the game shouldn't be a chore, it should be a rewarding experience with instant gratification.
  14. I don't know what you're getting at. Grinding is a natural part of Dungeon Defenders. You level up, grind higher-stat gear, try new maps/challenges, and repeat. I'm fine with that. I'm not fine with the fact that I cannot customize my playstyle without grinding for three weeks. Here's an example. In DD1, I loved the app. I geared him as a builder/engineer hybrid. All gear stats were tower stats with a dash of casting rate/overcharge. I could play one match using magic missiles and deadly strikes, and the next match with fire and electric towers without having to change anything about my build in between games. Only thing I had to change was my strategy (tower placements, DU, upgrade priority). In DD2, I initially used all of his towers. After learning all of his passives and studying how they work, I realized I can't do that. If I want to use flameburst, I have to farm a complete set of pyro passives, build a sphere sheet for it, and ignore all other towers. If I want to use earthshatter (lol), same deal. I cannot use more than one of his towers per match. Because passives have too strong an effect on towers, I need to grind a gear set for each tower I want to use with matching stats and passives. Boring and restricts strategic diversity. Both games have grinding. DD1's grinding is natural, addictive, and approachable. DD2's is forced, repulsive, and suffocating.
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