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  1. You're banned for believing one is too many.
  2. if by perfect you mean a person getting carried for 10 minutes having maxed out gear; then I disagree. It used to be kinda crazy; before I returned.. get carried on the map that drops toxic shock on NM4; drop one that doesn't suck, and be able to solo any and all games after that. It's better now; the speed of progression might need some tweaking here and there though. plasma, I think making WM's less used (or at least not SOLELY used) is easy; spawn more traps-disablers.. After all, disabling 1 node will disable all of them. The counter is already in the game, They just don't spawn on every chaos wave, unlike most other monsters after they've been introduced. (Geodes on C3, appear in every level from then; Lady Orcs C4, every level after, etc.) Simply having them spawn waves 3, 4 and 5; at least forces you to not have a single-minded defence setup. You'll have to combine WM's with some PDT's, and then perhaps some shield-piercing weapons too. (Trap disabler disables WM; there's a Geode on the lane; suddenly your PDT's can't do much either.. ) I was talking about DD1.
  3. I'm just disappointed that they changed the gear system; it used to be perfect.
  4. Another good option is to join one of the many DD2 clubs on Xbox.
  5. You need to click the confirm button in the top right corner after you make the changes you want.
  6. Search in clubs for DD2 clubs on XBOX.
  7. You are banned for disappearing for 4 years. Whats going on man? :D Gosh! it's been 4 years! I was 11!!! I wasn't even in middle school! Not much life's been pretty chill recently. I'm taking driver's ed. How are you doing my banning bro, Starfox. Banned for such a good feeling post.
  8. You're all banned for keeping this thing going for 4 years.
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