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  1. We have no bad on anyome just something for people who dont use the forums to use also. I meant the white text on the white background
  2. What do you have against users with the Metro DD2 style? Anyway, I'll see you in there :)
  3. "Nipple" Is not something that we should see on this forum. Wow dude calm down, I've been here for awhile now and you are the first person to say anything. Everyone has nipples so I don't know what to tell ya but please, If you wana make a big deal out of this, private message me as to not drift away from OP's topic. Thanks
  4. It says "nipple" is this users name. Cool?...
  5. So my girlfriend says "Bruise like a banana" and I've only grown up with "Bruise like a peach"
  6. Imma bump this cause I've been having troubles and I'm in the same situation as this guy minus any "controllers" on my keyboard
  7. http://dungeondefenders2.com/forum/showthread.php?95359-Item-Check-Thread/page81[[3942,hashtags]] Checked :D Now what about that proj speed? 10k is plenty for most people I think
  8. SID: NippleSnuffler http://steamcommunity.com/id/Chrissk816
  9. I agree. This is pretty pointless. BANANAS!
  10. Congrats! What are you going to do now? Well, after all was done, I decided it was FINALLY time to make my DPS characters. I only had a pretty good Jester so I'm working on a fully usable Barbarian and Monk so I can hold my own on high DPS maps because up until now I was relying on friends :P I'm also starting to collect some smaller Event items to use on my characters instead of those ugly Santa accessories.
  11. It was almost impossible one year ago. Try to do it with 1-2k stats without EV, Summoner and Jester. Oh god that would be hard O.o No way in hell im trying that though :P never doing that map again!
  12. Omg yeah! I finished it and I'm like, "that's it?" I used a fairy and my jester and just took the hits until the matches were done. Good luck getting MRTS!
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