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  1. I hope the composer got paid well. That music is amazing, pretty much hooked me into playing at the beginning.
  2. Ah nevermind, I didn't see that it was partially upgraded lol. Still might be able to sell it though.
  3. How does the glacier compare with these?
  4. I created a web store because it offered 2 usability advantages over forum thread. I'll explain: 1. Improved customer usability - Multiple Pages: In a forum thread, you can't have multiple pages. As you can see, all new store makers naturally have separated their items into several tabs (e.g. Ult, Sup, Acc, Weapons, Pets, Etc). A forum thread essentially forces all of these pages into one giant, unwieldy, monolithic page, which is not user friendly and not scalable. Consequently, with pages, you can also add a new one with announcements and such without cluttering the other pages (e.g. April's auction page and my Free Items page that pointed to DDFR and advanced DD wiki info). 2. Improved seller usability - WYSIWYG Organization: Like you said, "it's easier for sellers to manage". Weebly is WYSIWYG which is easier than the forum's BB Code, although admittedly BB Code is not super complex. But when you have items numbering into the hundreds, you don't want to edit a 5 mile long page of code constantly. Weebly also offers nice visual features like changing SOLD items to black n white or adding "SOLD" overlays on them which others have done, enhancing customer usability. These are done with simple clicks of the mouse. A forum thread does not have enhancements like this. I think a [WTS] thread is definitely still usable, especially if you only have a few items to sell. But if you have a large volume of items with a continuous resupply, or if you just want to create a more polished, user-friendly and easier-to-manage shopping experience, a web store can offer advantages as listed. As most major companies (Apple, Google, Amazon, etc) will attest to these days, usability and user-friendliness is important and I definitely credit some of my success to that. Competitive pricing was definitely helpful too of course :)
  5. Did you get the trombone gun? I need more info about that.
  6. Added: http://ddgear.weebly.com
  7. Added to the new web-store directory: http://ddgear.weebly.com :) It's cool that you're selling trans for the newer players.
  8. I love all the different designs. I've added all your shops to my site so people can find them all in one place: http://ddgear.weebly.com It's great to see a more thriving marketplace. I'll continue to add shops to the site as more spring up.
  9. Hmm, I think Feb 55 is a Wed actually. Sent from my doritos bag using my vas deferens.
  10. As far as I can tell, you're trying to help people distribute level points into a char? If that's the case, a spreadsheet is kind of unnecessary. For tower builder chars, people usually put all points into tower damage. For DPS chars, they usually put all points into hero damage. It's pretty simple really - all points usually go to the specialized area for that char. Maybe I misunderstood the spreadsheet though.
  11. I some times like to eat bacon with waffles, so I think bacon-flavored waffles would be a pretty good idea.
  12. Apprentice towers KILL frame rates making app unusable even though it's one of my favorite chars.
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