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  1. do you mind screen capping your builds for aquanos and throne room?
  2. Hey right now i am level 80 squire with 1800 tower damage, and around 800 on all my other tower stats. Where would be the best place for me to level/farm where i could build. If you can please link a guide to the build on that map.
  3. Not sure if the update helped me, but i ended up turning sound off in the settings and now it works without a problem.
  4. Whenever i seem to join a game in a Tavern or we return to tavern after the game, my game lags like crazy to the point where i can't walk or even type. But once i get in the game it is fine. This also happens to me when i am hosting it so i know its not my connection. Anyone know how to fix this? or do i just have to suck it up.
  5. I know i saw one earlier, but i cannot seem to find it. I am a squire and am looking to do it on medium/hard because I'm only level 45.
  6. The bottom xp bar is cut off on my tv along with some of the health.
  7. I am very sorry if a post with this info already exists, but i have noticed that Wizardry is now not farmable due to them sending out 2 at a time. So what are is the best spot for me to level up quick. I am a level 13 Huntress on xbl. Also what happened to the IRC chat? If you would like to add me and help me level my gamer tag is MicroWavez.
  8. Anyone willing to level me up fast right now i am a lvl 40 apprentice. Also what IRC does everyone use because the one linked to the bottom has only like two people in it who respond.
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