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  1. Right, so instead the entire highest difficulty of the game is designed so that you can only play certain heroes if you want to get loot. Makes sense. At least with RNG you'd get to play them some of the time instead of not at all. I guess you can always go play chaos 1 to farm that elusive range shard. Aha, so now I can play my favorite hero some of the time based on RNG, wow, amazing! Are you even listening to yourself? How can you possibly validate locking out a proper 50% of the games towers based on the spawns? Thats like making a FPS with certain guns only working against certain ene
  2. It could have something to do with not wanting to use WM's and frosties exclusively? Then dont bother playing chaos at all, the game decides what towers you can use, you dont. Hard counters are still a thing for some weird reason.
  3. So yes, we made these beautiful heroes but you cant actually play them as you please unless RNG decides you can. I say again: If I cant play the hero I enjoy most because of this hero being useless based on RNG there is something fundamentally flawed in the game.
  4. And if we do it lane based we only have certain defense choises for certain lanes, scaling the problem down does not solve it.
  5. I think a slight increase might serve the more casual players while certainly not hurting the hardcore players. I'm fine with how it is now, but I'm on the bottom line of fine, any less would be not fine.
  6. And here I am farming C4 afk without ever getting a range shard...why is everyone so goddamned focussed on that thing? Just use EV WM's with frosties on the sides and some barriers and you can literally whistle trough everything.
  7. Same issue with piercing shot on the huntress.
  8. I often just end up with maps without air because my anti air towers suck ass..
  9. Maybe they should reduce the DU costs on utility towers such as walls, frosties and others.
  10. So...legendaries always 60 up levels, guaranteed 2 chaos shard and one campaign shard on each difficulty, rerolling 3 shards into a new one at random, a general drop increase of x1,5 across the board and incursion specific difficulty scaling special items? Yeh, sounds good to me.
  11. But, but, what about my afking maps with WM's on C3 and C4 while I was struggling with C4 before? I swear, balancing AND changing spawns is heresy at Trendy. PS:remove hard counters
  12. As long as I stop getting shards for heroes I dont own i'll be happy already.
  13. Are you implying 6 hours survival sessions in DD1 just to get to the wave where you might possibly find a upgrade were not grindy?
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