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  1. I've encountered slews of AFK 'hosts' in tavern, but no trolls yet, I think..Unless one counts trolling as "people who do not 'g-up' between waves and level selections", then I experience this about 90% of public games. It seems about for every 10 minutes of actual game time, I have to spend 10+ minutes in-between being able to play public/pub games, all the hopping between Entry and "Level area" taverns from AFK Hosts, this result has led me to play more solo. Although I do find a good match now and again. Usually D1 vets of sorts. I'm looking forward to see how the social design will ev
  2. You bring up a good point. Something that I personally enjoyed and I feel that a lot of players I played with enjoyed not only building your hero, but the ability to build-out your towers specific stats. In DD2 we have tower speed, defense and power. I do feel a void between the two games, much like the inability for me to improve the range aspect of my towers aside from upgrading. I was honestly hoping for innovation for a tower defense game in the aspect of tower gambits, much like some of the player gear has hero gambits. Bouncing ice, ricocheting cannon balls(again), chaining fireball
  3. Well something you could consider for the strategic tower defense is the left-shift button which brings up the "Defense View" visuals. Some pros is that, this lets helps players place and plan(strategy) their towers, configure their overlaps etc. Cons would be something like: When playing multiplayer all of the towers Defense View are one uniform color. Perhaps a well thought-out suggestion for development would be to give each player their own color for the Defense View. Describe how this would effect players experiences. Then maybe you could elaborate on something like, ho
  4. Do super legendaries increase anything for towers? I just think it should if it doesn't. =) Maybe add special effects to the class's towers, ie; fire tower puts burning dot on target. Would help build diveristies.
  5. Could anyone explain the process for upgrading armor for perfect NM resists? I notice once you cap a resist at 30%, every x9^ it becomes available to upgrade once again. So I'm assuming you want to take that point and put it into a resist. So what should one aim for exactly when upgrading ...lets say, a good trans dps set. 40% of each on each piece? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the upgrades! His giveaway has plenty of good upgrades for anyone around 2-3k tower damage along with some weapons!
  7. I've been on a personal mission to use Apprentice towers and showcase setups in Public games. After running most NM farm maps with the average 'poon' setup, I started subbing in App DU. All I've got to say is this, Once you hit 3k tower damage. Lightning tower shines. -80% of the trash is cleared off the map when the lighting tower goes off. The other 20%, is immune, and just dies to minions by the time it reaches your walls. -Choppers and Djinn. I love them when they spawn. They provide great chain line-of-sight for the Lightning tower and die w/in seconds. -When an ogre reac
  8. I currently have a 240^ max Nos. My armor is a 2k/3k 1.4k boost, max res trans set. Pet is a seahorse is 240^ with 200 ea hero stat.(who now beginning to do more dps than myself) Tavern dps is roughly 9 m. I'm convinced the next thing I need to upgrade my weapon. So, I'm looking for advice on what to farm for an upgrade. My builder stats are roughly 2k/3k. Thanks in advance!
  9. Is there a magical number to aim for when it comes to boost? I'm currently in trans, 1k boost 2.7k dmg.
  10. The guy probably has multiple experiences with idiots running around caring more about looting purples than about any sense of winning or teamwork. i fully support a builder doing whatever it is he wants to do. The builder is always god in any map I play. You're right. Except one thing, he's not god. He's a person, just like the others playing. I build 99% of my matches. I've raged kicked plenty of noobs. Then again, I've never invited X-people to the last wave pre-pet then kicked. Now, I've sat and watched someone not upgrade, just loot and not dps. Ya, I've waited to kick the
  11. Thank you for this map! In my opinion, this map has the potential to open up DD to a whole new world. This could be a competitive map. It's basically a dumbed down DD version of DoTA. What DD has that those genre games don't is...a tiered, item progression mechanic to boot. I hope to see this map built upon in the future. It has so much potential. It's not just a 'here zone in and rt click on people'(pvp?) map.
  12. I thought this was going to be a joke about living in your parents basement and playing DD.
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