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  1. I've noticed on some leaderboards (with Xbox Live at least) people that share the same score are being placed randomly above or below each other, instead of using time cleared, as the tie breaker. Now I know most people that didn't grow up in the golden age of arcade gaming will not care about this, but does anyone else have thoughts about this leaderboard ranking method?
  2. Is there plans to support iCloud with IOS 5 if not, how about file share so I can at least back up my characters through iTunes?
  3. There are already about 5 threads discussing this topic in the console section alone, I don't think we need another. And for the record I have seen and downloaded many free add-ons from Xbox Live, a few off the top of my head are Castle Crashers, Left 4 Dead, Pinball FX2, and Bioshock. So I'm fairly certain it has nothing to do with the fact it's free.
  4. That's just the thing I've set them up all the time and unable to, so I am hoping there is an option somewhere I am over looking for this.
  5. I hate to bump this but... no one has seriously come across this? I see on the pc forums people complaining about friends being able to join a private game without being invited, and that is exactly how I would like to set up my private games.
  6. Adjusting the user interface in the option screen is the easiest way, but if if you're like me and don't want to lose any screen play, my main HDTV has an option for "unscaled" display instead of of using a "widescreen" or "16x9" display. However my smaller cheaper HDs do not have this so for my kids I had to adjust the user interface option for them.
  7. This is just a fact of life with all video games on pc not just DD, frustrating yes but at least I've come to expect no more from a game when I play then on a closed platform.
  8. There is typically quite a few more "hoops" for devs to have to jump through to get the same content onto any closed platform that many of them feel is not worth the hassle or time to get said content to said closed platform. Usually this leads to the content not coming to said platform in its free form or more likely not coming at all. I play this game on my Xbox at home and on my iPad at work on lunch, but I personally will not be holding my breath for this to be coming at all for the consoles or even iTunes because of said extra "hoops".
  9. My first few steps would be to delete/redownload the game and/or clear your Xbox cache. Also one of my friends just recently was having some problems with the game, what ended up solving his problems was to simply restore his profile from Xbox Live.
  10. Dev posted in an other thread that this was by design. Also said even though your starting on a later wave, all the monsters that would have showed up in those earlier waves are instead all placed in that new starting wave.
  11. At the character selection screen, there is an option to edit character or edit crystal. But to change the skin of your crystal you need to unlock them by completing in game accomplishments.
  12. Normally the left trigger, unless you swapped triggers, then it'd be the right, or swapped the triggers for buttons then it'd be one of the face buttons. Also some weapons take a while to reload than others.
  13. When you unlock a trophy, you need to exit your current game and start a new one to reflect the additional trophy. But you get one for upgrading a piece of equipment for the first time, then one for maxing out a weapon, another for maxing a pet out, and finally one for having everything on your character maxed out, including a pet.
  14. Ok I like to have a game going online most times so wife, kids and friends can come and go. However we cannot find a way to set up a private game just for friends to just jump on or off without needing an invite every time they want to jump on. Now I know this option is on just about every online game I've played on the Xbox with multiplayer, and you can lock X number of player slots if you wanted for invites specifically, and leave the rest for other friends to freely come and go.
  15. Or if your tv/monitor has the display option for unscaled display instead of using widescreen or 16x9, that's what I did.
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