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  1. This was pre-flair, but I have a few old costumes and costume options that are no longer available in inventory slots sitting in my bank. I can't personally use them, but since they are no longer available I would feel terrible selling them off for 1 gold each.
  2. Will the old costumes that dropped from lockboxes ever be tradeable in DD2? I still have multiple exclusives and items that are no longer available that I would rather not just trash and let someone else enjoy them. Please make them tradeable.
  3. What I really want to know is if the two teased and unreleased maps will be released (Barbarian and Wild West Themed). Links to each can be found here. They are fairly far along in development with some images showing the completed maps with assets down. That would seem like something that could be implemented in a DD2 patch to add a bit more spice until DDA releases. Edit...Old Links no longer work. Images below:
  4. I believe you're talking about the on screen notification to tell you where it's at. If it isn't directly in your line of sight, it will appear to show you the location.
  5. That's what should have been in a main news article prior to releasing the kickstarter. Not having any information about DD2 with the announcement of a new game that came via twitter and a new link on the website is a major oversight. I understand they were busy, but why not then rebrand and launch the kickstarter tomorrow when more focus can be given to actually answer some questions they knew the community would have. Feels very disorganized and thrown together in some ways.
  6. Just wanted to wish the best of luck to you. I know the Kickstarter goals are lofty, but I've enjoyed Dungeon Defenders since early after the first games release. Good luck to the team and I'm hopeful the lofty "flex" goals are achieved.
  7. My guess is DD2 still has some life. Dani said they are working on the next patch for DD2 and will have information very soon. Some of the team will continue working on it moving forward, it's just going to be slower on the patch side.
  8. Probably best to wait at this point. The kickstarter lasts for a month, so check back in about 20 days to see where it's at.
  9. Evidently DD2 will be getting support, but most of the team will be moving focus to DDA. That was confirmed by Elandrian. That means less content and such coming to DD2 moving forward and eventually moving to very limited updates.
  10. I am not seeing my Defense Council title on my profile either.
  11. Does this include Defense Council ranks?
  12. Well, based on the most recent blog post. The problem is going to get worse, not better. They are adding more weapons and shards to take up inventory space before resolving the issue of inventory.
  13. Hopefully that includes inventory. And for everyone, not just those who pay.
  14. I spend more time managing inventory space than actually playing. I can't just jump in right now and go play a few maps, because I have max bags and literally only a few slots left. Something needs to be done about shard stacking or shard inventory in general to resolve a lot of these issues. I find myself looking at DD2 and passing it by because I don't want to sift through tons of bags just to clear space for new items.
  15. Not sure if Lawlta actually read your post or not, since I don't think he meant to say what he said. Currently Trendy doesn't send out notifications about new DLC. Their DLC release history though has been around the time of patches, so if you check the store page around the time of patch release (sometimes up to a week after) then the store should update if new DLCs are going to be there.
  16. Resetting with AP again will fix the issue.
  17. I've had a weapon or the shield drop after every map IF I had a legendary chest at the end of the game.
  18. Agree completely. I was actually going to buy some for two family accounts. Surprised to see that it didn't go on sale since it usually does every sale.
  19. Going to link here as there is already a post asking about it.
  20. Look at Juicebags videos. Depending on how long ago you've played, he has a video for returning players that covers the general changes. His other videos are helpful as well. Returning Players Video 1 Returning Players Video 2 Returning Players Video 3 Current Guides Playlist
  21. Actually, you have to use the Oil + Fire combo. I tried using direct sources of fire damage and it doesn't do the trick. You need a source of oil. I use the Oil and Fire weapon mods on my Barbarian and it's amazing.
  22. Having played since early access, inventory is a major issue. I can understand the need to store multiples of each piece of gear, but adding shards on top of that and crap gear with mod rolls, something needs to change. It becomes near impossible. Shards seem like the best place to focus on for me. Stacking un-upgraded shards or slotting shards in others for gilding would be a great start.
  23. Seems to only be weapon/shields that are new. The shield didn't have any mods, but there are multiple weapons, although I've only seen the sword drop. Trendy said they are going to rotate, so it may be only the sword this week and change next week.
  24. Has access to this flair now been removed? It doesn't seem like there is any way to get it now that the map has been updated.
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