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  1. The majority of games where cash shops exist outside of the in game economy are generally against ToS. On top of that, I don't believe any Tower Defense game has ever had a big enough playerbase to lead to any cash shop being really available. Any that may have existed were likely sketchy and prone to scams. IMO, this won't really affect DDA because there won't be a demand for it. Sure it may take time to farm for gear, but in a predominately or entirely Pve game, there's no real point to buy gear with cash.
  2. They've already said that anything they do with DDA is essentially laying the groundwork for DD3 as far as programming goes. That essentially means any systems with problems in DDA will be systems with problems for DD3 or they would have to rework it and spend more resources on work they've already done. I'd expect them to spend the time getting things correct the first time around.
  3. Sounds great. I'm excited to see how it all is out in action.
  4. The problem you have with a system like that is balancing progression. This would essentially be the difficulty jump in DD1 of Insane to Nightmare, but you'd be nerfing Nightmare gear at the same time. You need balanced progression between the difficulties and clear progression, otherwise it's going to be too much of a grind that people get burnt out. Progression needs to be meaningful, not just a couple of stat points different between difficulty 3, 4, and 5. Personally I have no issue of being able to afk farm the highest difficulty of you get the right gear. In top of that, you definitely should be able to farm the difficulty below it. Not being able to do so is pointless, especially with your argument that you have to farm the current difficulty for progression anyways.
  5. This. Elandrian has said multiple times that they want to release on as many as possible (steam, epic, discord, etc).
  6. Projected amount would be just over 500k. Obviously that doesn't mean much, but I really hope Tavern Customization and Massacre get in at some point. More bosses and challenge maps are a given at some point anyways.
  7. I'm more of a lime person. Maybe Lawlta can get in some fruit pizza with his promised pizza currency and throw some lime juice or something on there.
  8. Personally I feel like that takes away from the game. Part of the fun is creating multiples of the same hero and customizing them in unique ways to accomplish individual purposes. Removing that and only requiring a gear swap takes a lot of that out.
  9. That shouldn't just be console only balance. That should be how the game functions as a whole. Adding more and more mobs at end game only created 15+ minute waves and farming that took hours and hours. There are other ways to increase difficulty.
  10. The problem isn't necessarily how RNG was handled in DD1. The problem is how RNG was handled in DD1 and the combination of hours that it took to get to the point of farming reasonably usable gear at end game. When it takes 4+ hours to farm a map and even then you likely won't even get a reasonably usable item, there's a problem.
  11. From what they have said, if it does come it likely will be an after launch patch. It's something they want to do.
  12. This was pre-flair, but I have a few old costumes and costume options that are no longer available in inventory slots sitting in my bank. I can't personally use them, but since they are no longer available I would feel terrible selling them off for 1 gold each.
  13. We can hope, but generally that isn't always the case. A customizable tavern was promised for DD2 and we see where that went...
  14. Will the old costumes that dropped from lockboxes ever be tradeable in DD2? I still have multiple exclusives and items that are no longer available that I would rather not just trash and let someone else enjoy them. Please make them tradeable.
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