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  1. Just wanted to say thank you for posting the update last week. Really appreciated the information and public acknowledgement of the issues on kickstarter. Really helps build credibility. I'm excited for the continued development and look forward the future updates and the game release in October. Keep up the good work! Anyone that hasn't seen it, you can find it here.
  2. Pretty sure you just missed the entire point of this topic. Nowhere was anything about development progress asked for. There is a large lack of communication on the kickstarter, the outlet used to gather backers so that they could make the game in the first place. Instead of talking to their entire community of backers there, they've elected to be secretive and only speak to the select few that visit the official forums. Even those topics can be difficult to find when looking for answers unless you have a direct link to the post by Lawlta or others. I'm betting a large portion of the backers don't have forum accounts and have no idea what is being discussed here unless it's mentioned in the comments of kickstarter. None of those comments are done by Chromatic personnel, further leading to the feeling that they are being secretive and wanting to seem like they're doing the right thing (like offering refunds for international shipping) but at the same time not making it known to 100% of the backers. In addition to that, updates like "All DD1 keys have been sent out. If you're missing yours then email us at ..." Something that simple still hasn't happened. Kickstarter is where all backers will get their information. The Dungeon Defenders forums is where a small portion will. It's the secrecy that upsets me, especially because it echoes the past.
  3. The whole point of this topic wasn't for daily, weekly, or even monthly progress updates. It's the fact that they're using their forums as the primary source of information for the kickstarter. No official comment was given on the kickstarter page for something that upset many backers. In addition to that, no word has been said since the very end of the kickstarter. There was no mention of a backer's options due to international shipping costs on the page where it mattered. There's no update on digital rewards going out. Literally no mention since a couple of weeks after the kickstarter ended. I've backed quite a few products at this point and monthly updates post-closing aren't uncommon (again, not what I'm asking for directly). I'm actually grateful and more inclined to continue backing companies that provide regular updates on progress toward deadlines. Especially more willing to stick with those that build good rapport and are open and honest about failures with their community. It builds a good image and leaves backers feeling informed. Right now I feel like there's more of the same shady DDE stuff going on in the background. Either way, I'm glad I lowered my initial tier toward the end of the campaign because in this case, no news isn't good news. To further explain my point, I scrolled back through a months worth of comments on the kickstarter by backers that Chromatic Games claimed to have not forgotten. Not a single one of those comments has a response by Chromatic. It's great that the community is willing to help, but poor practice that the company can't seem to spare a second to go and answer backers' questions.
  4. DDA is built on an entirely new engine from the ground up. The content isn't even the same necessarily. Heroes, towers, maps, etc. may all function differently than they did in DD1 and there will likely be many new options.
  5. I haven't been active on the forums here for a while, but I've read various things on both the forums and the kickstarter page. The lack of communication is leading me to believe you are still Trendy Entertainment which brought us Dungeon Defenders Eternity, and not the Chromatic Games that can bring us what Dungeon Defenders Awakened could be. No updates on the kickstarter after so much time and obvious controversial shipping costs, which you've done well at providing the community options for resolution. Even just a public apology or an update to the thousands that backed would help increase confidence in the development and company. As it is, it seems underhanded and secretive, especially since there is no mention on kickstarter outside of the comments for the shipping cost resolutions. Secrecy is the exact same thing that happened with DDE before it was discontinued. It was the exact same thing that led to the promised rewards from DDE being dropped because the Dev Team had to focus on DD2 content that would bring in revenue. Please don't go down that road again. I'm not even looking for specifics, just let the community know you're there on a platform aside from the official forums that many backers don't use.
  6. Maps definitely should promote diversity, but so should enemy types. What I don't want to see is something like, "This map has a raised choke point perfect for a Cannonball tower and this is the only time a Cannonball tower is effective." I think the DD2 Cannonball is much better at that, and I really hope they expand and diversify the defense options. Poison Dart Towers are a great addition to the Huntress and give variety rather than having only traps in her kit.
  7. Personally I feel like any quest should be doable just by playing the game. It shouldn't force me to play a specific map that may have a lower chance at dropping what I actually want. I can understand a general daily quest though. Examples: Play 5 maps Complete 3 challenge maps Defeat 250 enemies with defences Defeat 250 enemies with heroes
  8. I will say that running around maps and determining the optimal path did have an element of strategy to it. With that said, I hope it isn't in DDA. They can improve the experience by giving you the building mana like DD2 and allowing for swapping on the fly throughout the map without the need to go to the forge. I don't necessarily care about Combat Phase swapping. Even with these adjustments, they can have a build phase timer to match. They did it in DD2 Mastery Mode and it was still brutal.
  9. Agree completely. There shouldn't be any reason in DDA to need to emulate extra controllers for smoother/quicker progression. Those were design flaws in DD1.
  10. Here's hoping. It was a big part of DD1 that was missing from DD2.
  11. You must have missed my entire point. Even if they do have everything planned from the start, the community whom they are asking for funding know nothing about it. It isn't finalized, otherwise why not tell the community? It's a big oversight to not even say the number of maps included in the game at release and then say, but if you give us more money, you'll have 1 more. I honestly think the reason they haven't said is because it's all dependent on development time. How long it takes to do various steps in development is going to influence how many maps, challenges, etc. are in the game at launch. Yes more funding may mean they can hire more people to work on it, but it's not a measurable stretch goal by any means. They aren't saying that if we reach stretch goal X, then the map Glitterhelm Caverns will be in the game at launch, otherwise it will be after release. I'm not saying don't support the game. I'm just saying it's poor design for a kickstarter and means I likely won't be upgrading my pledge like I was debating.
  12. Personally I am fine with enemy variety if it encourages a variety of build options and doesn't force you to use a select few. Last I played DD1 end game was right around when DD2 came out in Purchase Early Access. At that point, you essentially had to use traps, auras, EV beams, and Minions or you weren't doing it right. It doesn't matter if they can be dealt with in other ways. When the most efficient way to deal with literally everything in the game on a standard map is one build, it's a joke. There are two sides of this and that is the balance of defenses and the number of available enemy types to spawn on a map. Make all defenses viable in different situations There shouldn't be only one counter to any enemy type. There needs to be options and let the player choose. I believe the DD1 community group did well at balancing the game to encourage this after I stopped playing. Encourage player build variability Randomize enemy spawns, but be consistent with one instance of a playthrough. I feel like DD2 does pretty well at this in Onslaught by randomizing lanes and modifiers, you have to adapt to the lane and build. I would prefer to see BOTH chaos enemies from DD2 and nightmare enemies from DD1 in the game. Make them less hard counters though. This would encourage more diversity in builds.
  13. No. DD2's multiplayer was largely dead because there is a large lack of host options. Why would I want to build a map only to have two people in a party join and kick me because they were too lazy to play private? Or go with a PUG into a map only to have one person go AFK and not drop the mana to build? Things like that happened quite often and that is the main reason I didn't and don't play public matches. The way to promote people playing together isn't to increase the chance of rare loot or the number of item drops with more people in the map. That promotes emulating more controllers (i.e. DD1) or having multiple steam accounts open (DD2) in order to get more loot. It's just far harder to do and more taxing on a machine in DD2 which is why it doesn't happen as much.
  14. That was a reward promised from DDE. I pushed back on Trendy a lot at the time (I like my customization), because months after the promised content wasn't delivered and it was clear DDE was failing. They only rewarded anyone with any Dungeon Defenders game with $5 of in game currency for DD2.
  15. Going to copy and paste this here as well. I feel like a few of the stretch goals in the kickstarter are poorly designed. How do we know the value of the following stretch goals? Challenge Maps New Enemy and Map Bonus Boss Fights They're essentially meaningless without releasing finalized information on the game before the kickstarter, otherwise you can turn around and say "these two maps are because the kickstarter was successful." even if they were planned from the start. How can I get excited about unlocking more content when I don't know what content there was to begin with? If you said there are going to be 15 challenge maps, 20 enemy types, 18 base maps and 3 boss fights. Stretch goals unlock 2 more challenge maps, 1 new enemy and map, and 2 more boss fights, then there's something to go off of... An easy example is a lot of boardgame kickstarters. I've backed a few that clearly show you unlock more cards/characters if it's more successful (example). I clearly know what I get from the stretch goals.
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