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  1. Contest of whoever gives me unusuals gets it haha
  2. Really? D: must've changed since when i played...it used to b unallowed to trade for money, but i thought u could trade across other games
  3. Only thing i want is Team Fortress 2 Items: Unusuals/Keys/Earbuds/Max's Severed Head. I Have a LOT of valuable stuff still...all traceable. Add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/justaguy9 if interested or message me on here. Thanks :)
  4. Ya i screwed up selling to that guy but its whatever, mistakes happen, i don't take things too seriously. honestly, i want to do a giveaway but im not that creative lol. if i could give everyone an event item i would, seeing as a rarely play anymore
  5. Want to sell my favorite armguard. I sold the other two and this one is lonely and in need of better car.e Post offers below, i will try and update as thoroughly as possible.
  6. Sold Radiation and Toxic Waste to RiseSynthetic.
  7. Lol add me and we can discuss. but im not easily tempted to ell, like articuno said. they only gonna get bigger in value
  8. Thanks for the quick responses! I apprecaite it :D And long time no see articuno! :D
  9. Hello :D I'm in need of price checks for the following items: 1. Armguard of Radiation 2. Armguard of Hate 3. Armguard of Toxic Waste 4. Djinn's Hat 5. Mask Of Odin 6. Terra's Brooch 7. Bling Bling Bracers 8. Shield of Mirrors Thanks! :D I'll mostl iekly make a new thread for auction of these items, if the pc goes well :)
  10. SID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/undeadfreak/ Solo Friday B
  11. SID: DanimaL http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/kidanimal Solo Friday B
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