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  1. WUUUUUUUT?? Finally! I'm so happy now, just had my final exam the other day, so there will be a lot of time to play DD! Very satisfying news. Thanks to all the people who kept this thread at the top so Trendy would finally see it and implement the thing's we've been waiting for so long! :)
  2. Count me in, after all the stress i had in the university over the past 2 weeks I could definitely use a Magi or Celeb to feel better LOL :D I'm weak but Magi's are so shiny. :c
  3. Because of you and your maps I really think about switching over to Open! :D I really like the design of Moraggo, so this map looks very awesome imo. I'm looking forward to it. Thank you Sanghelios! :)
  4. Congrats, you definitely deserve it! :) And damn, those gloves are nice!
  5. No one said we were going to die by not getting the support promised. We will continue to ask for it though. DD2 however has nothing to do with this thread. Not everyone is looking forward to it so mentioning that it will be out this year brings little comfort to those who dont care about it. Also, I doubt DD2 is this year. It might be though. Time will tell. I totally agree. Just because we don't get Moonbase doesn't mean we will quit DD1, nor die. We all just really would appreciate to get what we were promised by Trendy a long time ago. Therefore we are continuing to ask for it. I,
  6. A pretty late happy new year bump. Hope we all can play some Moonbase on ranked this year.
  7. Long time no see Miller! For Christmas i got some CD's and good Books by my friends. I bought my mom an iPad and our Dinner was very funny since i haven't seen my brother and my sister for a couple of months now. We had a lot to talk and laugh about and I enjoyed it a lot. Also we finally got snow! So we all went skiing yesterday :) Since i know how obsessed you are with the color green, i definitely don't want to take away any of your Magicites :P Nah jk! I'll add you and you give me whatever :) Thanks for the giveaway and i hope you had a merry christmas!
  8. I really really like the rewards! Would love to have that in ranked.. Make it happen Trendy! :) On my first attempt, i failed cause i just walked around, astonished about the attention to detail! The map looks awesome, the boss (for solo play) is hard but doable if you have a good Monk, the rewards are amazing, the size of the map is perfectly fine imo. In LotR Gandalf said that it takes 4 days to travel from one side of the Mines to the other one. (iirc) Thanks for this awesome map Sanghelios!
  9. Haha very good one! Hope you have a merry Christmas as well! :)
  10. Santa/Trendy, we all weren't naughty at all! Please reward us with Moonbase on Ranked! :)
  11. I've added you, if you would have any mail Boots for my Monk that would be awesome! Thanks for the Giveaway! :)
  12. Would a Magicite work too? I don't have a celeb :( (jk obviously)
  13. Congrats Zantir! 3.5 out of 4 is very impressive! :D
  14. Looking back at it, i shouldn't have paid for DDE, i played some time when it came out but quickly got bored and now a week ago or 2, i played it again. And damn it's even more boring! Everybody who still plays has like 8-12k Stats on their heroes and can solo every map. I joined like on survival of Omenak and 2 City in the Cliffs after that my stats went from like 1.5k to 4k on all my Builders and all my char's were level 60. (That's not cool.) Where in DD1 you actually have a lot more to do until you even have 1k Stats. Long story short: DDE got boring very fast so why should i even bother
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