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  1. Have you tried using the pawn? you'll see its better...
  2. Never pick up gear you don't need, because it will get auto sold for mana which gets divided over all players.
  3. Nonetheless this community should be kind and actually ask if him if it was intentional for him to be selling it so low. If he says no, the kindly ask for a refund and tell him it's worth 30+ billion. Not really a big deal, and you never know, he could repay the favor someday. The keyword seem to be afk shop here. Meaning the seller isn't there.
  4. Can you be a thief when you bought it without scamming the owner? So buying it for 600m in an afk shop and being called a thief doesn't make sense. Talking a noob into selling it for that is immoral imo, but that isn't the case in an afk shop...
  5. This is the best tower piece I've ever seen. I'm uber jelly.
  6. A 360 turn is a full circle, hence flying in the same direction. A 180 is what you mean (turning around)
  7. He does a 360 turn 99% of all times when he approaches the northern harpoon from the LEFT. Fire the harpoon while he's doing the 360 and you will hit him. As Winterbraid pointed out correctly, he passes the south-western harpoon first, right after he spawns. Wait there before he spawns so you are ready to hit him. Also - if you stand directly in front of his nose while taunting him to do his fire breath, he might bite you... so have a few meters of distance :P A 360 turn is no problem...
  8. Why cant they just buff the dmg and not add this secret scale. Either way I didnt know it because I dont have one Why advise people NOT to use it when you are clearly clueless? Why not ask first about it before you start false rumours?
  9. When i get to 3000 posts i will tell the world until then my lips are sealed ;) *cough* Scrooge *cough*
  10. .... *facepalm* its a yellow circle below it, just sayin :P .... *double facepalm* That sword with the 'yellow circle' isn't an obsidian gladius, just sayin :P
  11. Just did this with 2 mates and we got wrecked in the bossfight. The HP is insane, but I love the map. You need multiple players to be able to build all in time. I like it!
  12. I vote for morago. I think its a fun map, but my builds suck
  13. Gray: godly and lower Light blue: myth purple / violet: trans Yellow: supreme Dark blue: ultimate
  14. That's not as awesome as I hoped for... Thanks anyways.
  15. So, I may be / am a noob, but I just discovered the QR Code inside the secret vault in the first unlockable room (with the TV). I tried to scan the QR code with my phone, but it doesn't pick up. Can someone tell me where it links to? Cheerios, Badger
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