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  1. I've got the same problem now since the last patch on steam. DunDefLauncher.exe is just sitting there at 28.6MB RAM and 0% CPU doing nothing... On AMD R9 M290X so it's not only Nvidia.
  2. This, so much this. Add in the fact that the stats on the gear dropped in nm4 are even lower then before, so it would take forever to even find a decent "upgrade".
  3. Totally. And what about, "we won't wipe your gear anymore"? They "just" nerfed the passives on our gear, it's not a "wipe".
  4. No, we won't wipe gear again. We "only" nerfed the passives on gear you had, it's not a wipe.
  5. I totally agree with this thread. The passive nerf is probably the worst thing that was ever added to this game.. Trendy is basically telling us to refarm our gear for only one specific build, to get the same passive back we already had. And the NM4 buff made it to hard with flat dmg increase. RIP Walls.
  6. RIP Narwhagon... You used to be able to kill ogres as a squire, now it doesn't even do enough dmg to kill trash mobs. Sure, the reflect dmg was a little bit insane, but with this nerf shield pets went from awesome to almost useless :/ And as playlessNamer said, 3million dmg is what a dps huntress make in 30 sec with 100k dps so its just fair the squire has a single nice burst every 30 sec.
  7. Finally managed to fix this this very frustrating problem. The problem was in the key bindings file that doesn't get reset when you re-install the game. For some reason, there was no button set anymore for Primary Fire (default Left Mouse). This was why the menu was not responding to my left mouse clicks and freezing. By using a controller to get into the game options menu, I was able to set left mouse to primary fire again.
  8. Sounds like you got something simular to me. Still not solved sadly. https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/119375/menu-not-responding-cant-play-game-at-all
  9. Update: Sill having this issue. I managed to get into the tavern by connecting a controller and pressing A on it when my mouse pointer was on play. Mouse clicks are still broken, point + A doens't work on every button and full controller mode doesn't work either. It's really frustrating I can't even play the game :/
  10. I know, but there are so many enemies in a game you can't say for sure which of them counted.
  11. Steam text: Defeat 1,000 special enemies. Since my count for this in-game was still pretty low, I was wondering what exactly counts for this achievement. Which enemies count as "special"? Do you have to kill them with your hero? Does it count if your defenses kill them? Does it count if another players hero/defenses kill them?
  12. I already send the same report as here as a report on the google docs form. I could include screenshots, but you woudn't be able to see a thing on it. As the home screen looks just as it should, but the play/options/quit buttons are just not working when i click on them. As a side note: It could be a coincidence, but this started happening shortly after I bought the DragonFall Defender Upgrade DLC from the steam store a few minutes before the sale was over last friday. Maybe it has some sort of conflict with my first-gen Defense Council Rewards DLC?
  13. At first, I could play the pet update just fine. After a few hours of playing, every menu button (leave, other tab in forge, play, quit ect) made the game freeze for a sec when i clicked on them and nothing happened. I decided to restart my game. I could get past the launcher, but the same thing happened on the main menu (play, options, quit). The only thing I could do with the game was alt+f4 out of it as even the quit button was not working. I tried the following to fix it: - verify steam cache - re-install the game - reboot pc - antivirus / firewall already allowed all of dungeon defenders
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