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  1. I really hope for a simple and choice driven approach to loot. Make loot unique and fun. I wish for a system very close to DD1s, but with more unique effects on loot. Do not reserve cool effects for just a small table of top tier weapons and armor. DD1 had a lot of diversity, but was terribly balanced, so there were effectivly only very limited choices.
  2. First of all: Very nice new maps, the Trick or Treat chests are awesome and generally in agood spot. The boss is very cool and the Dark-Mark-Mechanic is pretty interesting. It leaves you with the decision, wether you want to clear the marks by defending the Sub-objective or making it far easier to defend by letting it get down. What I would like to see is a reward for clearing marks to make it more attractive. First I thought about the marks could damage the towers too, but that would make the subobjective a must-deff. So what about giving you increased damage,droprates,exp or gold per mark cleared or like a buff for a limited time. I really enjoy running around clearing them, but feel kinda disapointed as it seems totally worthless. Rather than rewarding clearing marks you could also punish not clearing them, by letting Maldonis summon on existing marks monster or letting them explode.. I think you get the point. It would be very punishing to leave marks behind or near the defense up and also more important to defend the subobjectives. Feel free to leave your opinion about the new maps and the changes I wish to see. Sincerely Postea
  3. How would we get the pet? Will our playverse accounts exist for the game? Or do we need new ones?
  4. We've used Council feedback to change a large number of features in the game, and we're using it to help guide our development process in the future. Our Feedback Reports are there to help shine the light on the features that we've changed/tweaked based on the feedback given to us. For the most part, we let out players decide which topics they wish to talk about and enact change on. StillPad mentioned changing the art style. If we had a large outcry about our art style, we would consider that feedback. (It's important to note that the art style was the #1 most liked new feature when we polled our Councillors early in the first few playtests of the Council.) We've heard from several Councillors that DD2 doesn't feel like DD1 or that it departs too far from the original. Whenever we ask what feels different, we usually hear about missing features from the game that we plan on implementing in the future. These features include solo/two/three player support (and the associated difficulty decrease), tavern, pets and item upgrades. We've also heard that the strength of the towers wasn't on par with DD1, though those concerns decreased after the Skill Sheets playtest. Balance is an ongoing process, and we appreciate all of the feedback we can get on that. And what is with the gamespeed? I brought some points, what I do not like about the high gamespeed early on. Is there something in progress too? :)
  5. I think StillPad is a little bit annoyed, because he tried a few times to give feedback, but Trendy just deleted his posts and gave him a warning. So I understand why he is that opinon that he can not change something on his own.
  6. StillPad put it a lot more eloquently and tactfully than I could. As a multi thousand hour player of DD I have all but lost interest in dd2 sadly it is too radical a departure from what I love of the first game.I'll be sticking to DD for the foreseeable future. Well I thought thats what the council is for!? To help developing the game well and in the direction where everyone have fun. If it is a casual gamer or a coregamer, should not matter, the game should make fun! The council is a nice way to include the players into the development by giving feedback, but if the voice of the coregamer is to quite the equality and the mix of intrests is no longer there.So I partly agree with you and Stillpad.
  7. Disagree. I like the faster pace of DD2 compared to DD1. You said that it was more of an action game than dd1, but if anything, I'd say it currently requires more strategy when using defenses in the first few levels than DD1 did. It's precisely because the monsters come at you so fast that you have to thoroughly plan out your defenses beforehand, and you can't just chuck a random tower in a lane to stall them while picking them off with your hero. To me, the strategic portion of dungeon defenders is mostly the tower defense portion. Repairing defenses and interfering using your hero would fall under the action portion. Imo, making it difficult to interact with towers with your hero would be undermining the action element of the game, not the strategic element. My problem is, that many of the things we saw in the blogs like the combinations of your electric weapon and the watertrap of the huntress, are nearly irelevant, because of the small maps and the extremely high gamespeed I just run around and try to use as many abilities as I can and to kill as much enemies as possible. If its now an wet or frozen enemy is completly irelevant in the game. I like all these ideas in the blogs, but I dont see that it is working. The next point why I want the game to begin slower is that so the game changes on they way to higher levels. The change of the gamespeed is a core point of the difficulty. Also the towers are to weak yet with that gamespeed: In DD1 the tower where soooo little in the first level, like the harpoon with 0 range. But because the gamespeed was soo slow, you had to fight very much, but had the time for it. In DD2 it is just impossibe to carry your towers. The strategic elemtent in DD should be the towers, ofc, but if you are forced to deff EVERY of the enemies path the game overwhelmes you. It's precisely because the monsters come at you so fast that you have to thoroughly plan out your defenses beforehand, and you can't just chuck a random tower in a lane to stall them while picking them off with your hero. This just do not works for me, becasue the tower are to weak. And I think the game should not start that way. Late ofc the you should play your deff much more than early, but for me the interacting with thinking, Oh my god I forgot this way fast clear the enemies and build up a spikeblockade, was a big part of the early DD expirience and THAT is a form of strategic thinking too. With just planign your deff once and try just to kill as much enemies as possible undermines in my oppinion the strategic gameplay, because you nearly have no chance to bring that awesome combos to life. What do you think about my points?
  8. Thats exactly why I said that DD2 is not feeling like DD1. Its not anymore a strategy game its more an "action" game. What I have seen till now dont make me play DD2 later when it comes out. So do you think that DD2 should more be like DD1?
  9. Yes that iy what I ment :) But yet my problem with DD2 is, that the gamespeed is so high and the maps are so small, that it is almost impossible to act tactically, instead I just run from one deff to the next, activate one ability and kill some enemies than just to the next and so on. I would like it if especially in early levels the gamespeed what be like in DD1 in the lower levels. What do you think about that?
  10. Hi in some days I made this review for DD1 and want to present it today to the community. I really hope you like it, if you do you can add me in steam too :) http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198073687651/recommended/65800
  11. When I think back to DD1 I can easily give you some things, that could be better. In generally the game is totally awesome and I cought all DLCs and played 500 hours. If we take a closer Look, their are some points that should be better next timte. So here is the "next time" and as a Defense Councillor sharing my opinion is an honor to me: DD1 Overall all progression in the game: I really liked how DD changed his gameplay. In the first matches or the first time playing the campaign in easy, the defense had sooo limited range and you were soo slow. You brought mana to the forge and had to deff very much by yourelf. Oh and... dont forget to rep the deff. In late game you nearly never deffended by yourself. And i also liked it, because the gameplay changed totally. In the playtests I saw that the gamespeed is so high even early on and that is a thing I do not like pretty much. So I prefer a slowly start so you have time to get into the game. weapon scaling: In DD1 later elemental dmg just made no sense! Early on very powerfull, but later completly useless. There were some different types of weapons like for example the Kharatiki Jungle Monk Weapon which throws the stones, but the problem was, that later some weapontypes sominated the others completly. For esample Steamsaw or very late the Crystaline weapons. So I would like if everybody could take the weapon he likes even later. And every weapon should scale the same. I am sry for my english, but I hope you got my mainpoints. Thank you for reading and tell me if you disagree or agree and why! Sincerely Postea EDIT: Some english correction
  12. Hi, I really like to request something like a level- or skillsystem, which improves the number of ways a hero can go. For example that a squire can make his blockades more knocky or his give his dummy more range or frequence of attacking. This system would be additionally to the basic tower-health/speed/dmg stats. And something like towermods were already mention like: every third shot of the harpoon will burn and also ignite enemies or something like that, which you can skill in an additioal system. That were just some things I thought about while playing DD1 and thought, that that would be great to see. Greets Postea
  13. I have no problem with DLCs, but an ingameshop, would not be cool. If I play a game I normally want everything from it bought, like in DD were you can easily buy all content, for a fair price. I do not want to spend money every month or day. I want DLCs, but no ingame shop g Postea
  14. Well I didnt mean, that the moba game should be in DD, but just the things I wrote. So that the ideas, which were in it, do not get lost.
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