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  1. Any word on when this will come to console?
  2. And the mask looks like that. That’s her picture. Can anyone make a video of her picture and a video of her picture in glitterhelm? I’m not sure where it is there yet. And “Amy’s Courage” The armor piece. Thank you
  3. I supported DDA through kickstarter and I haven't played on steam because I'm waiting for Playstation. I was able to name special Items and design a mask (accessory). Is anyone willing to make some videos of the items? My sister was in a car accident and died last summer, so I named the armor piece after her called "Amy's Courage." I'm not sure If it is available yet, but I was interested in showing the armor to my family. I think It is farmable. You can contact me through Instagram too. my handle is the same as playstation and here. Djbon3saterp. Is anyone willing to make videos of "A
  4. That mean there will probably be a whole lot more people playing the game. Awesome! I guess that is a Dr Obvious response on my part haha
  5. oh really? already free tomorrow? awesome!
  6. I bet the will have a tutorial of sorts when the full game is released.
  7. Me too. I want the goodies that we get for getting to level 25. I have 1 at 25 but I was out of town this past weekend and will be the next 2 weekends so I have been playing 1 hour here, 30 min there too get in anything.
  8. It's in alpha right now so I'm sure they will usher in a lot more soon.
  9. It seems that everyone has already said it but I definitely like the idea of the daily rewards randomly giving a cool item.
  10. For myself I have found it more challenging to find where all the stats are and to compare quickly. I like the way the forge looked better in the first game, but perhaps I just need to get used to the new look. Does anyone have screen shorts on how they have been building?
  11. I seem to remember a lot of blues at least when I was playing, and the greens I think everyone has their own green I think too (at least from the chests) It distributes it equally. If someone drops out another chest becomes available I think.
  12. Thank you Kim, I haven't tried that yet but I will
  13. more character slots (I personally would love 12) oh and also a way to jump in with friends or at least jump into their tavern. when going to pick up items, it would help the gameplay if the field area for picking up items was larger to avoid spending too much time trying to make sure the x is hovering over the item. Especially when trying to kill enemies but also pick up loot And I'd love to have the map show where we have made upgrades and where we still need to upgrade. Special weapons at the end of some levels ...Shaitan 2.0s I like the idea of having out levels present, ov
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