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  1. I was wondering if there will be any changes to the auto loot filters? Will there be a way to filter more specifically. (like whetstones, ammo, shields) as they have a lower max value they get auto filtered out. Can a more exact filtering option be available? like "whetstones above 250 only." I think I'm asking to see if every filter can be more specified to make sure it gets picked up. (by the way auto loot is one of my favorite things about DDA)
  2. Since the last patch I haven't been able to complete it. the crystal pops, or the game crashes. before this recent patch I was never able to host 4 players because the crystal would pop. Nothing is touching the crystal in those instances. Is this a known issue? Or is it just me raging on playstation. It's very frustrating to get to the end and the crystal arbitrarily pop or the game crash....
  3. Sad to see you go. Good luck in your ventures. 🤟🏼
  4. Is there a way to link my PlayStation account with steam yet. If I unlock the corgi I won’t be able to access it on PlayStation right?
  5. Chromatic said they were gonna release my mask with episode 2 so probably that. But no date on when it will be released yet
  6. It’s designed after one of the book enemies from the Eragon book series, Ra’zac, But I’m not sure if they’re using that name. It’s basically a Turkey vulture face I can’t wait to see it in game but here’s some of the art o sent in
  7. this is fantastic, thank you
  8. as a follow up I got all masks now except for the Ra'Zac which won't be around til after an upcoming patch, definitely needed to play on lower levels for those to drop
  9. will these come to playstation too?
  10. Thank you so much. That helps tremendously! The skeleton is the same I’m assuming? The Ra’zac mask is one I designed for supporting Kickstarter 4 years ago. I finally got an answer that it will be available on the 2nd patch. Thank you so much for responding
  11. The gator set, and rainbow glowing skin and holiday transmogs, will these be purchasable or accessible on PlayStation soon ? There are several transmog items that are locked that I’d like to wear.
  12. Is there here a way to get these 7 masks to spawn? Do they tend to spawn on lower levels? I’ve been playing mostly on massacre rifted hardcore.
  13. Any word on when this will come to console?
  14. And the mask looks like that. That’s her picture. Can anyone make a video of her picture and a video of her picture in glitterhelm? I’m not sure where it is there yet. And “Amy’s Courage” The armor piece. Thank you
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