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  1. This has its good side and Bad side. The Bad side is People would Expect Ultra and Ultra+ and ++ to drop more Frequently. If that were to happen then their would be no value in weapons that are higher Graded than Ulta+ and ++. Also theyed Expect this mode to be like NM HC. Only NM+ or NM++ HC. Theyed Expect That Survivel will end up Just droping Ultra to Ultra++. (Sorry i got that wrong. Transcendent and Supreme) The good side in this is that the Gear drops would have Better Stats. Like for tower the drops being 300 and higher each stat. The Best Mythical pickups i currently can se
  2. Talscar


    How to fix your situation and Approx Stats Required to do really well easyI saw your stats. Your Huntess is fairly good as it is about the same as mine. That doesnt help much but what will help ALOT, is to get your Stats up. It is a Strugle, yes. How did i get 2K -2.6K Stated Squire? I did Alot of Runs with Jester. In a way Jester is Over Powerd since she can use almost anything in the game. If her Stats are atleast 1.5K - 2K in DPS, You can Easy Solo Insane Assault Hardcore mode. I used a Sicus with her when i did Insane. The Weapon will Last a While till you get Really
  3. I am Really thinking about this alot. Today and a Few days ago HEAPS OF PEOPLE are asking to buy my Ultra+. I dont want to sell it at all cause it makes me feel good Collecting something so new and so awsome in the game. Here is a Screen Shot before i go into detail on Subject: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=118251001 BTW the Image didnt work as it was cut off. lol, when Pasted into [img.] format on Site. Now. The highest Offer someone said to me was like 100 Trillion what ever that is. a few days ago. Cause i said no so many times he quit. My f
  4. Hi, I was looking at alot of tavern names and wondered to myself if they can say what they do? Like a Introduction Typo. Example: "Hello, I am Player and i like to use the Squire. :squire: I love his Build for my runs on Endless Spires as his build for me is Very Effective. I Collect lots of Transendent Armor weapons and gear all the time that if you want some just ask. If i dont have anything adiqute at the time you can ask and when i find something i will let you know. I am To Sell the BEST items i find for Dealer ship prices. I like to help people when i got nothing better
  5. I got a Problem with Lanching and i tryed looking for infomation but it is hard to find. I just got the game 3-4 Days ago and i downloaded the Dev Kit today. Finnished tryed to Lanch and got a Error: The Error says if you cant see or read it: This game is currently unavailble ( Corrupt game files ). IDK what is going on but i tryed Verify Cache itigrity of Game Thingy and it updated and i tryed again. Same thing... If someone tells me to Reinstuail I know it wont work. Also i am sorry for most of my Errors in Spelling. :/
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