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  1. Sorry guys. I havent been on in a while due to lack of time. It is coming up the end of my final semester and things are really getting crazy around here. Supersonic I could probably use the boots, but let me check. I dont want to accept your generosity without doing that first. I'll send you an FR as soon as I have time today and we can check it out. Thank you guys for all your help and offers. At this time I think that other than boots, I am outfitted as well as I can be for my tower toons. I was able to give my towers just the slightest boost that they truly needed thanks to you guys
  2. 150 Occ if no one has requested please or the 118 for 83 one of the two for my son As far as the 50^ piece of armor on your 90 huntress, I have a few things but no more than 70-80 in upgrades. You can have from me whatever you can use for her. Shoot me a PSN msg and lets meet up so you can look at what I have Camp.
  3. I've not really seen a high one for 74, i have a 106 for lv 78 NICE! I still farm SF now n then hoping to get one of those bad boys for a lower level toon. I have a 101 for 78, and my friend a 130 (so jelly it's not even funny) but yours is definitely the highest for 74 I've seen. getting matches
  4. Oh man! But that's a reality we all have to face in months to come... I'll choose Survival Mix-mode Insane on Moraggo :) with my friends Nakhal, Kiss7787, Yogazny, OMM, Notorious_MSG, fistofnails, chittywoman, TH3H1V3, Case24, TitoDaddy and poundSand76... hope my to-play list is not too long.... .... And clearly, that's my wish! Ummm... Ditto! Dream team and awesome map!
  5. Eyeofalpaca and Campering I am very interested. Everyone is offering such nice stuff! I am trying to decide which pieces are most worth accepting (love them all but dont want to be greedy). I will be on tomorrow in the afternoon for a bit and probably saturday as well. Send me a PSN Msg if you have time ... and thank you again. I am working with narrow sets of numbers and I am trying to pick the pieces that will get me the most benefit where tower monk and squire really need them.
  6. Wow, yeah it should be in off topic. I don't go to that part of the forum so I just didn't think. Sorry. Requested move.
  7. Have a great one! How many is that now? I would have gotten you cake but I am told it is not real.
  8. I pulled this Level 74 Soul Focuser with 113 Upgrades a couple weeks back does about 10K Base Damage with my Tower Huntress. Later I got it pre-patched too. I'm just wondering is this the highest Soul Focuser pull for 74? I am not altogether sure that it is allowed in the forum rules to talk about "prepatch" soul focusers. I am not sure if that counts as a "glitch" so be careful. I have never even seen a 113 SF for 74 and I am not sure what the SF tops out at for lvl 74 to be honest. The highest SF for 74 I have ever farmed was around 75^. The higest I have gotten is a 107 and both my
  9. The only time i host public games is with my subaccounts and 1 of 3 things happen, sometimes more than 1. 1) a level 90 proceeds to tell me what i'm doing wrong and begins to rag on my stats or equipment 2) someone asks me if they can have something, usually a staff or shai, for free. And since i play with no mic, it is endless, including messages. 3) i get offered a skittles or laser bot for trade, and if i decline, the harassment and selling ensues. I still enjoy hosting with my sub, when i find someone that is nice, i'll reward them. we were all beginners at one point and i want to
  10. I bet I have some 90ish plate for 83. I'll take a look next time I'm on and shoot you a message. BTW, I have something to give back to you. Sent you PM on that item. Thank you for checking what you have OMM...you have ALWAYS been so generous and helpful with me. Maybe this will do? Let me know if you're interested. I got this for awhile ago and am not using it right now. OR you need a complete set of lvl 83 Pristine armour??? Vest 88^ 4 twrs no neg Helm 87^ 4 twrs no neg boot 90^ TH and Tarea only no neg Glove 93^ 4 twrs but 2 hero stat neg ...and... for lvl 83 I am
  11. hey just got done talking with the team for you and we will be trying to farm you some and alc labs or just looking in chests. if you would like to join us in farming send me a message :) glad we could help you :) Thanks soul_train! You are a really positive community member and have more than proved yourself to me! I appreciate the help and hope that my donations were useful to someone else as well. It is my hubby on right now, not me but I might have time to play tomorrow or the next day. Im doing homework atm (groan). HEADHUNTRESS ... I can always count on you to come to my resc
  12. good luck not to many 90 upgrade stuff out there for a lv 83 its hard to find for a lv 90 I hope you find some if not we should try to farm some Yeah 90+ for 83 is rare but it can't hurt to ask. LOL Been trying to farm it for 3 straight months and not having luck. I have found other pieces but no plate. Thanks for the luck wishing and Id be interested in yet more farming with someone to share the boredom. LOL
  13. Title says all. The armor I have needs a serious overhaul in how it was upgraded from way back when I was a green noob...LOL. I am looking for plate armor with all 4 tower stats and clean. Dirty is okay as long as it is specific to either Monk or Squire towers. Let me know what you are looking for in trade. I will likely need multiple pieces. It would help if you could list the starting stats of piece you are offering.
  14. SADLY I LOVE TO PLAY PUBLIC COZ I LIKE MEETING NEW PPL or help them...but hard now! I used to love public games too! I had fun meeting people who knew how to have fun playing or have fun learning to play. I miss it terribly. But thng1974 is right, nothing we can do. There are certian types of newbee dominating the public scene now and they do indeed have MUCH to learn. *missing the days when pub games were awwwwwwesome*
  15. Omg guys read his first post lol it already has the stats and he states its clean a million times He edited his original post. None of it was in there. Mr. Incredible, I did not read anyone's post and then decide to bow out. I am very capable of forming my own opinions. I never invite people I dont know into my tavern casually, and I never go into a tavern to trade unless I already have a few questions answered. My time is limited and I do not care to waste it with someone uselessly. I do not wish to post a litany of reasons for bowing out because I find that behavior unseemly on a p
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