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  1. Derailing much... -.- Isn't it obviously that I'm not talking about bugfixes? -.- The completely stagnant and boring metagame still happens for new players, it's always the latest map which you have to run to become a metagamer since rewards are pretty close or better than existing best weapons to offer previous metagamers something new to farm for after they have played the game several thousands hours. Obviously metagame gets boring after hundreds of hours playtime on certain maps. It's the same for Embermount... Also nice that you talk about Lab Assault... Instead of adding better and be
  2. Not when playing solely but when you team up with a second player (Monk) it will outperform the Monk by a lot. Taking into account Atherial's post (0.6 multiplier instead of 0.2 for other weapons) and numbers of my old but still up-to-date dps guide. EV: 2k DMG and AB2, 37k Chicken, boosted by 2k Hero Boost... Pawn with 177k... ~30,000,000 DPS Ember with 100k (turns out to be 300k Pawn)... ~50,000,000 DPS Monk: 2k DMG and AB2, 37k Chicken (same), boosted by himself... Monk's Wrench with 132k (Melee)... ~25,000,000 DPS Obs. Sparus with 25k (ranged, melee-wise)... ~24,000,000 DPS Please n
  3. The event run in 2012, Trendy was still working on DD1... Tinkerer's Lab Mission Pack, Temple O' Love, both 2013. That's matter of view. DD v7.5 was working very well. RNG was better in my opinion (less frequent Sups/Ults but general item stats were much better, lots of my myths and trans are still better than current sup/ult drops, when taking into account more than just one stat), the game was cross-platform compatible (no split community). I still have no clue why we are in need to change so many things when the game provided us with so many (hundreds if not thousands) hours of fun.
  4. Just because it was planned to bring them back does not mean they have to brought back - after 5 years. Trendy obviously changed their plan to do so. Also the costume has been introduced after the official release of the game as an event reward, so the argument that you purchased the game including the costume is invalid. The reasoning you see it there is plain simple; It has been "sloppy" coded by Trendy (no offense, but it could have been made hidden with an additional check in first place [the check itself exists already]) My guess; Trendy has done it that way, so people are able to dis
  5. Cut the Ad Hominem. Seriously. Can we have a discussion without you insulting people who disagree with you for more than 1 post? Apparently not, but I tried. Literally all I said was "Strongly disagree", and somehow that requires insulting my capability in this game? Also this entire game is about "progressing". Making big numbers bigger. Am I missing something? I'd like too see the part with the insult highlighted. Just curious because I DID NOT insult anyone. If you feel offended by my posts, just ignore them? About progression... are you really discussing with me now that players with
  6. I remember times, every new map was unbeatable... Temple O'Love was the hardest map one time... Nothing has changed for such a long time but people figured strategies and it got easier by its own. Same with Lab Assault when you play it regular instead of the cheesy BF Drill. And nowadays I run Ember solo with 3 afks while I've build the map with trans-armored builders... Adding harder content but in the same way adding more and more powerful stuff is totally shortsighted. Sadly we do have a lot of "vets" with several thousands of hours who think they still have to progress -.-
  7. Read >here< Option-out of the beta to return to your ranked data of the live server. Beta and live servers are two different things.
  8. Downvote Fenix / Pony boost... I've got quite good Trans Fenix' / Ponies which are closer to Chicken/Seahorses than to weaker pets like Tiger, Cupid and so on. No clue who actually checks DPS numbers on new pets.General upscaling of several weapons / rewards... Why adding something challenging like Ember Volcano and now more and more powerful equipment to make it easier? Practice will make it easier by its own... UpvoteToP/W [will we see a forth Temple map to introduce a new boss like Old One?]Colorized Item markerHero Info button!!! Needs to be looked at (once I've got time) DST target pri
  9. I'm truly worried to see reactions claiming drops has NOT been changed. The RNG and categorization of qualities has been massively changed to my experience. I can't remember if those changes were introduced with the first CDT update [v8.1] or if those changes were already introduced with Trendy's last update [v8.0] to hand over the development process to the community. However, I can ensure you that patch 7.5 had qualitative way better drops than current version. I was used to find very good transcendent pieces, capping with all sides (less often but still frequent double-capping) while playin
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