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  1. The further information that you need is that your servers are junk and it's not helping them any that you guys just pile bugs on top of each other without fixing them making the game behave in unintended ways what ever happened to the ps4 live stream? i'm going to take a long shot here and say you probably either couldnt log on or couldnt handle all the lag and constant crashing there is a million reports you have the info you need you guys either don't know how to fix it or just don't plan on it
  2. Here you go! :D It's broken cant login LOL Whats new
  3. we posted this 4 days early but we can't even post notes for the one thats out now.... lol
  4. it's out now where are the patch notes
  5. Assuming you are still doing the campaign as you mention the old man it's a glitch in the questline try talking to everyone again ... a few others had this problem and most of them report that after not logging in for a day it had fixed itself... so a clear answer is still not known...
  6. Yea you would think they would have fixed this as they are going to make them purchasable only with money not gems... so i have to assume our hotfix this week will fix that and nothing else
  7. no...however i can't upgrade gear because i will get kicked offline for being idle too long menu's take up the whole screen making it impossible for the 2nd player to be active a quick temporary fix for this i think could be to make the screen asking if you are still playing pop up even if im in the other players inventory so we can at least stop it nothing like locking your gear almost getting done then .......loading main menu guess what nothing locked now start over
  8. Nope and as long as my posts keep getting bumped back up to top from your comments my job at trolling you morons gets easier
  9. Ok so maybe it's not broke but if you want a suggestion on how to improve the website how about someone from trendy actually looks at the ps4 forums... and maybe just maybe someone actually posts a response to the 1000's of questions that go unanswered it's a barren wasteland... however every 2 months or so at least you guys will say hey were gonna give you a content update, unfortunately for us all you do is make us re-download the game to find out you have broken it even more. you could at least read the ps4 forum and attempt to fix something instead of completely ignoring it if your going t
  10. ride the roller coaster and pay attention.......when you find it check at the forge it gives x5 hero dmg.......if your nm4 geared should be 20k or better....=100k or better with buff....so build a ton of walls and go pew pew ... next thing you know you beat nm4 half sleeping.
  11. This ... and now they get an 8 hour refresh to farm away while we get wyrven tokens and won't be able to buy any LOL welcome to the trash bin ps4
  12. PSSST...use the firework buff and zerg the tents as soon as the round begins it's really not that bad of a map but the pathing can be a little wonky at times.
  13. /shrug worked for about 15 people yesterday and 5 or 6 more this morning
  14. are we ever going to add the rest of the challenges to halloween maps ?? or fix the harbinger challenge? or get our free galactic weapons?? And how is it that pc gets defender medals so they can buy the new heroes...in june we are going to get 2 heroes at once and have 0 defender medals.... i'm not sure how you guys are doing your math over there at trendy but something isnt adding up here
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