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  1. I'm fairly certain this is already an option in-game..
  2. Woohoo! Thanks guys. Hope everyone at Trendy had a great holiday!
  3. Hey guys, Curious as to how to unlock insane mode? I have a lvl 44 character and have completed insane maps with friends as the sole builder. Hoping to do the same solo, but cant seem to start the freeplay maps on insane. Any help would be appreciated :) Cheers.
  4. ahh he traded it off towlie i think Correct! :skeleton: Wow! You're selling it Cheddah? :( I was linked to this post by a friend. Figured it was worth signing back in for! GL in the auction! (BTW, I think I sold this for 24 cubes + 6 MK2's?) Can't imagine how many of those hundred+ cubes you get will be hacked in. Oh well.
  5. :( But... IT WAS ALL BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T SELL ME THAT LEATHER CHEST!!! <3 Anyways, this is my last post on the forums (as Towlie atleast). DD2 comes around I'm gonna do a new name because it's nice starting fresh. Everyone won't know except Cuno :P And no, I'm not gonna edit that bit out to anyone wondering :D
  6. I feel like I owe everyone here a reason as to why I'm quitting and letting you all know rather than just fading out into the distance.. Either way, I'm quitting. I've made my mind up about that. After 1100 hours, I've done everything I've wanted to accomplish and so much more. But this game was more then a game for me at times. Got me through a rather rough breakup with a longtime girlfriend and soon became something that I couldn't wait to play again. Something I never entirely got bored of. But lately, this game has gone to shit with hackers. I'm not enjoying this game as I once was, and for that, I've decided to leave. I'm gave all my sets and cubes to Articuno as he will get the most appreciation out of it (Bare, I know you won't like this xD). Anyways, maybe I'll see you guys in DD2 (Though idk about the MOBA/F2P thing...) If I start playing DD2 I probably won't keep this account and start under a new identity which only a few will know about. Either way, keep an eye out for my (ion) tag in-game! ;) Tl;DR: I'm quitting! ------------------------ Redacted Tito
  7. Yeah. I know. :\ I think we are coming to that point, though. Have any of you guys noticed that? Fewer and fewer myth wearing players? Lower levels? I'd say half of the shoppers I get are level 100s (and a quarter of them are in hacked ult sets) and a fair percentage are naked level 0s with limitless mana. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk This game is clearly dieing. There's no doubting that. It's just so.. sad :(
  8. Rng hates most of us. It rewards the rich, making them richer I disagree. RNG just hates everyone
  9. You get a giraffe. Skeletons are WW only. Think he's talking about skeletons that are summoned from mages
  10. The people in-game are the majority. IMO, if you are too lazy to auction it or know that you won't get much because all the 1337 players on here have better gear, you better take what you can get for it in game and like it. I've noticed a pretty steady decline in my AFK shop account and I was talking to a friend about the fact that I'm pretty sure it's directly due to fewer and fewer new players sticking around. If DD stops picking up new players but the rest of us keep farming, we're going to get to the point where everyone has a 215 boost prop cat, on their barb in an ult set, with their two 160k steam saws, etc. Nothing will be an improvement and no one will want to buy anything because they'll have better. I also think that's a factor in the recent explosion of cubes on the forum auctions, hackers aside. I find very few things on here that are better than what I have; when I do see something, I'm liable to grossly overbid for it in the hopes of that small improvement. Oh, well. The DD economy. *sigh* This post.. is just so depressing.. :(
  11. Nah, kicking people who are new and don't feel like being keen is something only the pros on the forum can do and get away with it without looking upstage and rude. And again, gotta love these kinds of threads, always making fun of the "noobs". IIRC a thread got deleted, and it was about the same thing, regarding to the forum rules. ":D". I believe your mistinterpreting the point of this thread. No where am I making fun of anyone, simply showing someone who bought an ult set for cube and coal(which I can almost guarunteed is hacked) believes that because I'm a 'legit' trader my prices are too high and out of touch with the current rates. This is not violating any forum rules :)
  12. I get around 10 people per floor-sale / day that want to buy mk2-value santa accs off the floor for 2b-5b and people that want to buy weapons cube-value and above for 20b I don't even argue with them anymore. I tell them those are the prices and kick them. Kicking them is a bit rude don't you think? Either way, I just tell them that they're welcome to leave if they dont like my prices
  13. To be fair, while a big portion of the game's economy revolves around the forums and what we value items at, there are possibly other groups of people out there trading items at different values. It all comes down to what people are willing to pay. While this is true, this coming from people who are buying hacked sets for one cube and 1 coal
  14. Hit esc and in the top right hit the 'hide match' button
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