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  1. What is the progression plan for reaching level 50? I just got there last night (started this weekend) and it seems poorly designed as difficulty scales compared to gear. I was basically never challenged and don't think I upgraded a single piece of gear after level 38 as Free Play Hard was the highest difficulty available. It ended up being very repetitive with very little challenge, which can lead to boredom. I'm excited to have higher difficulties unlocked now so I have to do more than throw mage towers down each lane, upgrade once, and afk. What thoughts do you guys have on this? Tips to
  2. Soon. YES! I always enjoyed the interaction with the community from the livestreams. On a related note, I miss ice's random late night livestreams.
  3. I can definitely do some lab runs. I've got time tonight if you want or else in the next few days too.
  4. Well I think the most effective way to get the forums active is to open alpha access far more so we have more to talk about. If you are able to come up with some magical method that rewards people who are active and contributing to the forums with keys while discouraging insane amounts of spam it would help a lot. Good luck with that though. A more realistic option is to make two separate threads for the discussion of news. One where you post some random worthless spam to hopefully get an alpha code and one where discussion is actually encouraged and not blotted out by the many many who are
  5. That looks about right. If you have the gender swap DLC I'd recommend using a countess instead of a squire since the female characters are faster. For DPS I know I use Monk/Barb for my main DPS and have a Jester as an upgrader. I think Monk is generally considered to be best for DPS, but Barb has insane burst damage with hawk stance and so can be good for bosses (especially if you get a cat + hero boost on him).
  6. Please block stats on the ult++ one. Out of curiosity, why has blocking out stats on good gear become a commonplace thing?
  7. Heh, I remember when all we had to grind was Glitterhelm. Aquanos was a wonder for grinding when it came out. I still remember the first time I played Aquanos. It was such a beauty and I had a sense of awe just wandering around the map. I wish the game still carried that for me. That said, if you are complaining about the grind from 70 to 74 and claiming that you have played nightmare at all, you're lying to us and are just a troll as Gnollmar concluded. Oh, this belongs in the section for the first DD, not DD2 by the way.
  8. meem

    Item Check Thread

    Ah, thanks. I don't know why I forgot to post full item info.
  9. meem

    Item Check Thread

    Edit: Posted the non-info image of it. Fixed 2 posts down.
  10. SID: meem1029 http://steamcommunity.com/id/meem1029
  11. On his stream today, Ice confirmed that there will be PURPLE in DD2. Sadly there were no other revelations.
  12. I know on Trendy Friday Fun they said that a wave of beta codes was likely going out soon, but they didn't say when or how many. I have not heard anyone say that they have gotten in from email invites, but the NDA could well preclude them from saying so. For now be sure to follow them on twitter and facebook to have (tiny) chances at getting in (almost daily on twitter, not sure how much on fb). Edit: For what it's worth, I've been signed up since day 1 (was going to sign up when they first mentioned it and didn't just have a public form, but never got to it and am kicking myself for it) and
  13. SID: meem1029 http://steamcommunity.com/id/meem1029
  14. Darn, was hoping to find more ways to get lucky and win a code. At the rate it's going of about a giveaway a day and 100 or so entries each time, it'll only take a month for me to get one. Unless the RNG hates me as usual of course... Thanks for the info isom!
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