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  1. I had that. I verified the game files on steam, it replaced one file, and all was good. You have to right click on your game on steam and go properties, local files, verify.
  2. IMHO, we have to adapt. DEWs are part of the game, which is fairly easy for now. Building near the core doesn't mean standing near the core. And if you really have to stand near the core, just be careful. Losing a game from time to time adds a sense of danger, which is part of the fun (cept when you actually lose)
  3. 30 hours of the same map for not much reward. Seems pretty silly to me
  4. Not to my knowledge (on PC), but maybe I missed that.
  5. Ryzours

    Welcome to Chromatic Games

    Can Priest Ajidar help me get a lvl 10 tenacity? And more defence rate shards? Or would that require black magic?
  6. You can also buy shards with gems.
  7. I don't like juicebags videos, they're too long (12 minutes for one defense) and I have to be careful to undestand (i'm not english, if i don't concentrate i don't get it) Any written guide would so much better for me!
  8. Any system can be abused. Host kick can be abused way more easily (except if you intend to host all the time) The best solution would be a blacklist, so you can blacklist those who abuse the system (whichever it is). But they never seem to consider it.....
  9. I'm strugling a bit in my life right now. Maybe I should reset to start over with a few bonuses.
  10. If you don't have any challenging content to play anymore, then you have finished the game. OP, if you're at floor 814, you probably have more than 200 bours of playtime? You can safely play something else if you're fed up. The bugs are not that annoying during the first 50 bours of gameplay, and 50 hours of fun is more than most game would give you. DD2 is not supposed to be played forever.......
  11. Barricades are still used in many builds. If. You're OP for the level you're playing, of course you won't need barricades or much towers and it'll be an afk fest. Just play content your level? You can't expect them to completely rebalance the game at this point. It's easier for them to start over and make a new game.
  12. All heroes in your deck gain the same amount of experience. And once you're level 50, all your heroes gain ascenssion points.
  13. The weekly mission works fine for me. It's the daily that keeps rerolling.... Do you have that too?
  14. Destruction: chaos 1 Deadly strikes : chaos 3 And the last of the big 3, defence rate : chaos 4 anymap will do.
  15. In my part of the universe(steam), the price was always 2k medals, I think. Either you're mistaken, or I am, or someone meddled with the space time continuum. Again.
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