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  1. Destruction: chaos 1 Deadly strikes : chaos 3 And the last of the big 3, defence rate : chaos 4 anymap will do.
  2. In my part of the universe(steam), the price was always 2k medals, I think. Either you're mistaken, or I am, or someone meddled with the space time continuum. Again.
  3. I like the gender swaped heroes. It's a safe way to add diversity without taking many risks. I hope we get the 4 first heroes and their swapped conterparts at launch. And that all subsequent heroes are obtained (dlc? Medals?) With it's counterpart. The female babarian skin in dd1 was a bit disapointing. No point in having one if it's just a skin. Also,
  4. Don't you think we'd end up with an army of bots farming? The game would need really little human input (except for a few boss) Farming chaos 1 dragonfrost resort could be done by a bot if geared enough....
  5. My first reset was really painful too. My minimum ascension was too low (far under the minimum 250 required to reset), and the reward small. Actually, doing one reset isn't worth it. You have to do a lot of them, farming shards and mod in the process. And saving your mats as much as possible. And not using the c8 amps. The reset mechanism could (and should) be a lot better and rewarding....
  6. Those are taken care of by the vote kick system. And they are minor annoyances. Being kicked for fun by the host after a 2 hours survival, with just 2 or 3 ennemy left, is game breaking. It happened to me several times in DD1. Host kick is good only for those who intent to host all the time. Or for those who intent to ruin other people's fun. Back to the OP: Is there a downside in letting people kick in 2 players game? Why is it not a good idea? My guts also tells me votekick should start at 3 players, but I don't see any reasons why.
  7. Same thing today. I had to reroll the quest to keep it from changing. Am I really alone in this???
  8. 1000 waves, 3 minutes each is 3000 minutes i.e. 500 hours, i.e. 20 days. Maybe with just 100 waves, and if you can save your progression, or restart from a wave you've already beaten it'd work.....
  9. This could work, and should be fun. With idea 2, with 1/2 of the du, you coulp get 2 times more xp, 2 times more loot and 2 times more gold. 4 times with 1/4 of the du, and n times with 1/n of the du.
  10. Yesterday, and the day before, i got my medals for daily missions at odd moments, after 2 wins when i needed 3, and after a ravine mission when i needed forest. So, today, i decided to pay attention. And there's no escaping the horrible truth: My daily mission is changing every time i join or quit a map. It was forest, i joined a forest map, check again, it was ruins, leave the forest map, it sayd 2 wins, joined a random map, castle. Reroll, sayd 2 wins, I won and left, 1/2 wins. Now it says 1/2 wins whenever I leave or join a game. I want this bug fixed, the 100 or so medals i lost in the process and 100.000$ for compensation. Thanks for reading. (It's not just me, is it? If it is, I want even more compensation !)
  11. "First, Strongest , Closest or Last " I'd like to target flying, boss or kamikaze first.
  12. And you think that reason is the MU? 🤔
  13. Maybe if there's several heroes (summoner and abyss lord?) using MU that would make builds more diverse without any hero beein mandatory? And one of the MU hero should be availlable to everyone from start.
  14. How do you transfer all on PC? I never noticed it after all those hours in the game ....
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