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  1. Not at all. Pets after a survival were not shared, and i was kicked many times at wave 25. @hailminion A rep system would help with both hostkick and votekick. Thanks for your input.
  2. @jaws I've never heard of a ban system being abused. Obviously, the company wouldn't ban for no reasons. They'd need proof of cheating or rude behaviour (afking wouldn't be a reason to be banned) People making a group to troll? This event is very unlikely. Most trolls are solo , abusing hostkick. It does happen the trolls team up to abuse votekick. But a group trying to abuse a ban system is unheard of (by me). Yes, a group of 20 players acting together may be hard to stop by any company. Does that kind of group exist? Wouldn't they be noticed and banned? I've only played one multiplayer game in the past 5 years (dungeon def) so maybe my assumptions are outdated.....
  3. I don't see how 🤔. If someone bans everyone, he'll play solo and it's his problem. If people ban me for no reason, well, good for them. I don't care. If many people ben me and i have to play solo, maybe i'm doing something wrong? What am I missing?
  4. You can also buy shards with gems.
  5. I don't like juicebags videos, they're too long (12 minutes for one defense) and I have to be careful to undestand (i'm not english, if i don't concentrate i don't get it) Any written guide would so much better for me!
  6. When you're kicked, your defenses become almost useless in DD2, so if you're the builder and people votekick you out, they also screw themselves over. Votekick can't be abused this much. Hostkick except in the last couple of waves: sounds ok. Might work. Difficult to be sure. We should definitely try this sometimes. The afk timer shoud be optional, i stopped playing DDE when I got afk kicked from my own solo game because of a phone call. Don't autokick people who plays solo! A block/blacklist system would be useful with any of the solutions proposed, and can't be abused. (Can it?} I tbought the kick system has been discussed to death, but this thread is bringing new ideas, and the topic is back to life. Maybe we can find other, better options?
  7. This works only if you're hosting. In a 4 players game, only 1 is hosting, and 3 are not. So, 3/4 of the time, votekick>hostkick. When you're kicked unfairly, you won't remember who kicked you, so leaving the game when you recognize a bad host will never happen. You'll be kcked again. Up to the point where you'll only play solo. But DD is more fun in multiplayer! A blacklist is the way to go. Or maybe some rep system? Or a really huge reward for finishing a game with four players, so that trolls kicking for no reasons are penalised in the long run.....
  8. Already discussed to death. Host kick was so much abused in DD1 that most people played solo. The best solution proposed so far IMO is a blacklist, so whoever trolls you, trolls you only once. This would help either with hostkick or votekick.....
  9. Before nightmare and shard maps, you could solo the game with only one hero, yes. But that was the basic game, the first 20 or so hours. You can also solo the first part of the game with only one hero in dd2, and you most probably will too in dda. But after a while you need several heroes, and you need to chose which one to develop first. Unlimited slots allows for more choices. With 10 slots, you decide what your 10 heroes will be. With unlimited slots, you decide which your first 10 heroes will be, then the 11th, etc. Maybe in the end you end up with all the heroes in all the builds, but you have made many choices to get there. You won't start with all fully geared heroes. You gear them one at a time. The more slots, the better. When all my heroes are fully geared, i will likely quit the game. So I'd rather have an unlimited number of heroes..... I'm neutral about swapping during waves. Maybe an hardcore mode with no swapping (among other things) would let people decide for themselves. How soon is october?
  10. CG promised a t-shirt, they couldn't deliver at the given price, they gave the money back to those who asked. I know some really, really wanted a t-shirt, but this story is taking too much space. This is a video game forum, we should come here to have fun, not to share our negativity. I guess that the best way to improve the positive/negative threads ratio, would just be to create some positive and fun threads instead of complaining about the bad ones. I'll try to do that. But still......it's just a t-shirt! Many internet stores sell plenty of fun t-shirt, and include the shipping price in the fee. Go buy your t-shirts there!
  11. Any system can be abused. Host kick can be abused way more easily (except if you intend to host all the time) The best solution would be a blacklist, so you can blacklist those who abuse the system (whichever it is). But they never seem to consider it.....
  12. I'm strugling a bit in my life right now. Maybe I should reset to start over with a few bonuses.
  13. @UncrownedData I always wanted an instant replay to see what killed the crystal, and how. Both in dd1 and dd2...
  14. If you don't have any challenging content to play anymore, then you have finished the game. OP, if you're at floor 814, you probably have more than 200 bours of playtime? You can safely play something else if you're fed up. The bugs are not that annoying during the first 50 bours of gameplay, and 50 hours of fun is more than most game would give you. DD2 is not supposed to be played forever.......
  15. Lava should flow down, burning and taking everything on its path. Water could work this way too, except drenching instead of burning.
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