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  1. You need to be level 70 to play nightmare (I don't know why). I guess your next step is insane survivals...
  2. Hello. Yesterday I played my legacy save, with new heroes. I was playing lava mine, first on hard, then in insane with the same build. Hard was an easy win. The first wave of insane was on its way, and suddenly I had this message " your core is under attack". But there was no enemy around, and my core still had max health. Then I got the message again, and again and again and finally I lost. My defenses were still up, and the crystal still max health, not destroyed at all. WTF. Replayed map. Same thing. Replayed map, Same thing. Filed bug report (invisible enemies destroying my core), went to bed. Today before playing, I verified my game cache, then went to hard lava mines. No bug. Go back to insane..the same bug again. So I gave up, and continued in hard. Before stopping, I tried again, the same bug. Another try, and at last! I noticed a few goblins going in the wrong direction. I followed them and... There's a second core up there that I didn't notice! Crap. I seem to remember something about this during the beta. Mystery solved. But I do feel silly about the bug report
  3. They are already doing something, no? What do you have in mind exactly? Also, we should warn potential buyer because of a wipe that don't concern them, and a price cut that actually is good for them? I don't get it.
  4. No, Deeper well medium unlocks deeper well hard, and deeper well hard unlocks deeper well insane and ancient mine hard. You can choose your difficulty.
  5. I've read somewhere that they'll have to wipe your "play" account, they can't fuse both accounts. I don't remember where I read that, but I'm 99% positive it was from someone from CG.
  6. I disagree with the first post in the thread, from my experience, squire is curently the weaker character. The first campaign on medium is a bit too easy for veteran defenders, as it's intended for new players. All the characters will kinda seem OP. Veteran players should play at least on hard.
  7. Indeed. Timers should be in survival and not in campaign, me thinks.
  8. There are four hidden achievements on steam, and there's a lot of room in the tavern for trophies (a lot!) So I'm optimistic about that.
  9. I had that. I verified the game files on steam, it replaced one file, and all was good. You have to right click on your game on steam and go properties, local files, verify.
  10. 30 hours of the same map for not much reward. Seems pretty silly to me
  11. Not to my knowledge (on PC), but maybe I missed that.
  12. Ryzours

    Welcome to Chromatic Games

    Can Priest Ajidar help me get a lvl 10 tenacity? And more defence rate shards? Or would that require black magic?
  13. You can also buy shards with gems.
  14. I don't like juicebags videos, they're too long (12 minutes for one defense) and I have to be careful to undestand (i'm not english, if i don't concentrate i don't get it) Any written guide would so much better for me!
  15. Any system can be abused. Host kick can be abused way more easily (except if you intend to host all the time) The best solution would be a blacklist, so you can blacklist those who abuse the system (whichever it is). But they never seem to consider it.....
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