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  1. A new map each month (alternate brand new ones and those from previous game) A new hero every four month (alternate also) Anything less and I wont play the game. ( I am not playing right now...)
  2. This is a cooperative game, not a competitive one, so no one is at a disadvantage, really. You also had to buy the late game content to beat it. Was it "pay to win"? I don't think the price of the summoner DLC is an issue, every player who loves the game will buy all the characters, even the Barbarian. The issue is that the use of MU would wreak the balance of the game. I'm in favor of DU+MU, and I'd like that each achievement come in three flavours, normal, DU only and MU only. 3 times more trophies in the tavern! And maybe new game modes like MU only and DU only which would give the same bonus as HC mode? So using the summoner all the time is not always the most efficient way to play.... (But there are so much more issues to solve with this game before adding the summoner....)
  3. Ryzours

    Update 1.1 Check-In

    Either buffbeams are good enough and will be used in most builds (not needed, but almost, like in DD1) Or they're not good enough, and they won't be used. Which is not good. I don't see any alternative, sadly. Or maybe something complicated, like them not being good enough in first wave, but scaling really well so become viable later? Probably too hard to balance. If i had to chose, I'd rather have them be useful rather than useless, even if it means they're almost mandatory.
  4. Either EV towers are part of the meta, and they will make the game easier and be used everywhere, or they're not part of the meta and be virtually useless. I don't have a clue how to avoid these situations. Maybe achievements like "beat all maps with EV and Squire only" would give incentive to people who want to to play characters that are not meta? They could easily make a tons of achievements like these, too.
  5. I know! Away from keyboard. Do I get points?
  6. I disagree, I think people should be allowed to submit ideas even if they don't know how to code. If the idea can't be implemented, it just won't. No harm done. Or am I mistaken?
  7. I'm not twisting things, a (very vocal) minority of players are very toxic, imho. Look at some of the reviews on steam. But that's not the issue, we all agree that we want better communication, let's stick with that.
  8. Not sure the roadmap is such a good idea. Some people will complain strongly if an update is 1 day late (They promised us! The owe us!) or if one feature is not implemented (They lied to us! They hate us!) But having a vague idea of the direction of the game and vague information about what's going on every week or every couple of weeks, without giving a precise date, would be nice. As old spice said, this could ease the frustration of some people. I therefore agree with 99.2% of his post.
  9. It takes more time to add more content than to beat it. It was already the case in DD1 &2 Pick other games to play in the meantime.
  10. Ancient mines is the easier one , then promenade, then summit or glitter. A run to ancient mines wave 25 should be enough to get you started in nightmare.
  11. I think you'll just get a trophy and achievements, which is nice already. Tell me if I'm wrong.
  12. Legacy will disappear? Not a big deal, but I kinda liked the idea of having a mode where mods would be allowed. That worked well in DD1. And now that I have put many hours in my legacy and my play characters, I dont like to have some of them erased. This news will make me slightly unhappy during the next few minutes.
  13. Or maybe it's not that easy to make a video game? Especially when you have to shift to ''lockdown mode'' during the process?
  14. I want more everything too. A new map every month, new characters every 3 or4 month, more weapons, pets, boss, challenges and more achievements (like beat all the maps with aura and DPS only) and more trophies. And everything that pigboy said. And more time to play.
  15. Free to play and DOTA was the trend. DD2 norrowly escaped the MOBA genre, but not the free to play one. That hurt it for me. The DLC economic model from DD1 was good, following blindly the trend was not a good idea. Seriously, you're getting a bit emotional. DD2 has some good maps, some good characters, a few interesting enemies and an interesting loot system (even if I think it never did really work) Ad long as they keep the micro transactions away, they can add some DD2 features. DD1, DD2 and DDA aren't that different, everyone is entitled to prefer some aspect of one of the other, but the "DDA sucks period" (from the OP) or "DD2 sucks period" aren't really interesting opinions.
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