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  1. 30 hours of the same map for not much reward. Seems pretty silly to me
  2. In my mind, it's beta->early access->release. The beta/early access phase being potetially very long. There are actually many other things in my mind, but they don't belong in tbis thread.
  3. Not to my knowledge (on PC), but maybe I missed that.
  4. I removed that part. Now, what about the multi builders mode? As proposed, people would get more du. Would that be an incentive enough to play it? Or maybe giving more loot like in DD2 would help?
  5. Ok. I think the solo builder mode would work anyway. It's the multi builder one that needs works. Starting with a better matchmaking interface. And maybe different rewards?
  6. Hello. There are different ways to play dungeon defenders games. Why not make different game modes? In single builder mode: When you join the map, it's closed to other players (except members of your team or invite) Whenever you want, you can open the map for dps players to join. The dps players can't build or sell anything. The builder can kick anyone he wants. The builder can start the next wave even if dps players are not ready. Dps players get only 90% of xp and gold. But all the loot. Edit: removed. This idea was unpopular and taking too much focus. In multi builders mode: Each player has his own du pool, if 2 players are present at the start of the build phase, each get 60% of the base du of the map. 40% each for 3 players, 30% for four. If only one player is here, he gets 60% of the du, and the next player to join also. Votekick, as all players are equals. Everyone gets 100% xp and gold. With 2 builders, 10% chance to get an extra reward. 15% with 3 and 20% with four. This idea probably needs a lot of refinement. What do you all think?
  7. Thanks for sharing this with us !
  8. @krsans78 The hostkick option was heavily abused in dd1. Sometimes, you could be kicked in the first 10 seconds of a game with no reasons given 3 or 4 times in a row, so it could take up to 10 minutes to just start a game. And being kicked at the last second of a survival is not made up, sadly. Why would we lie about that? As a result, most of my 1500 hours of playtime in dd1 were solo. What I describe above happened in the 200 hours or so where I tried multiplayer. Dd2 solved the problem. There's no host, the game is hosted on the playverse servers. And votekick limits AFKing. If a couple of people abuse the system and kick the builder, the towers are rendered useless and the game is lost, so that's quite rare. Kicking the builder at the last second happened only once in my 1000 hours of dd2, and preventing kick in last wave would solve that, as discussed in previous posts. Also, other interesting alternatives have been suggested in this thread. You should read it.
  9. Ryzours

    Welcome to Chromatic Games

    Can Priest Ajidar help me get a lvl 10 tenacity? And more defence rate shards? Or would that require black magic?
  10. What about votekick, but with the host being immune to kick? Is that a good compromise? Can this be abused easily?
  11. I'm not pushing anything. I think you misunderstood something. Shared loot is opposite to instanced loot in AheadatIme post. I answered accordingly. And your post doesn't contradict mine actually. I'm not an english native speaker, maybe i'm not making myself clear? In any case, we're all trying to solve a tricky problem together here. We managed to keep the thread nice so far. Let's keep it this way!
  12. Not at all. Pets after a survival were not shared, and i was kicked many times at wave 25. @hailminion A rep system would help with both hostkick and votekick. Thanks for your input.
  13. @jaws I've never heard of a ban system being abused. Obviously, the company wouldn't ban for no reasons. They'd need proof of cheating or rude behaviour (afking wouldn't be a reason to be banned) People making a group to troll? This event is very unlikely. Most trolls are solo , abusing hostkick. It does happen the trolls team up to abuse votekick. But a group trying to abuse a ban system is unheard of (by me). Yes, a group of 20 players acting together may be hard to stop by any company. Does that kind of group exist? Wouldn't they be noticed and banned? I've only played one multiplayer game in the past 5 years (dungeon def) so maybe my assumptions are outdated.....
  14. I don't see how 🤔. If someone bans everyone, he'll play solo and it's his problem. If people ban me for no reason, well, good for them. I don't care. If many people ben me and i have to play solo, maybe i'm doing something wrong? What am I missing?
  15. You can also buy shards with gems.
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