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  1. thanks guys for trying anyway I think I might level all my characters to 74 before I try it on my laz thanks a lot though
  2. hi i play on a ps3 usually with a splitsreening sibling and i can beat morrago on medium but all the undying rods i get arent beating 1000 base damage however i cant beat it on hard if someone can help that would be great i will be on it at 3:30 onwards gmt(british time) add or message my psn uername if you can help thanks ;) {PS: i am not looking for strategys or tips im looking for someone who can actually beat it with me} {pps: if you have a good undying rod i will be happy to take it off your hands for 60 mill mana or 6 xp runs on ramparts} psn username: M3_daz characters: :appre
  3. Hi im really f'ed off at all the modders on this game and if u just want a decent non modded game wright down ur psn name or addme at M3_daz
  4. I cant im in britain what about friday 3:30 british
  5. Ive sent u an invite to my lobby
  6. Hi i have a level 71 wizard and im trying to get a better undying wand cause im only doing around 3 k a shot and im always getting kicked because my guy sucks if anyone could mayb letme join their lobby id b extremely gratefull also i use ps3 my user name is M3_daz
  7. plz help me on mistymire forest insane im at the verge of thinking that its impossible someone prove me wrong ps3 name is m3_daz
  8. How I wish I have a Gatling Gun... :( can u help me on mistymire forest insane plz
  9. How I wish I have a Gatling Gun... :( mmmmmmmmmmmm gatlin
  10. im agree the shai may be little bit harder to get but it is way cooler even if it is an increddibly low level but i suppose it does all come down to the stats!
  11. missy that goes without saying, its the fact that crystall dimensions is actaully impossible on insane + even with all lvl 90's and perfect gear, i seriously dont see anyone doin it haha we need something stronger/ also if people wana farm with me msg me cause i just got a corrupt :(do u have ps3?
  12. can i have some help plzhi im a ps3 user representing the ps3 users of the world and im realy stuck because ive been trying to do misty mire insane but i think anyone who says theve done it must be insane stats squire(builder)/71/ huntress(dps)/72/ apprentace(builder)/70/ monk(builder)/30/ plz help anyone who helps and has a ps3 will get 1/2 million mana longliveps3
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