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  1. I liked the speed of this event quick n easy just the way i like it ,also i wouldnt mind some more lvl 78 event rewards in future as i dont plan on playing or lvling toons to 83+ ;)
  2. I think im like 3rd on board now prob got pushed in my absence tho idk
  3. Found this pic on my ipod when i was looking thro pics totally forgot about it hehe gotta reme the good old days was only me and trmc no afks hehe
  4. TRMC and I first Legit Glitter insane+ run gotta love that cabbage be hatin :santa: [IMG][/IMG]
  5. subtle... not one of my stronger qualities... We will except nothing short of perfection to award that prize...chalLenge accepted strat i thought up will make this cake to bad it for 83 tho dont feel like lvlin my lil squire :/ and y so big 360 has to many big glowimg weps in public alrdy :(
  6. We only took one mini hit (from a bird I think) due to West running off and leaving his post which was expected ;). To be fair tho we properly had the most OP set-up by far of any team that took part. Overall the event was fine, I also like when details are out early just for me to smooth over a quick run. Last i check fisk said he had birdy yet a birdy got thro ;)
  7. was fun but a lil to easy wouldnt mind seeing some more events that require more of a challenge or more team work non the less tho great reward i can finally put away my failed range weps for my monk :)
  8. Gt: x210x W3ST Would like to run with my 2 lovers fisk or cabbage and duno if ill be on weekends often are very busy
  9. Keep an eye out for some fun stuff in the upcomin weeks includin me trmc Freakincabbage and maybe fisk the old players got something fun in store for everyone :)
  10. To bad im to busy to come back to this broken game wouldnt mind replacin one of my dharmas for dat tho
  11. alright i tracked it down here it is:summit on insane+ the team consists of the builder the hero the bodyguard the builder is the only person on the team who can build they can not ingage in combat directly the builder must reimain a builder during combat the hero is the only activly ingage in combat meaning they can kill they canot upgrade repair or build the bodyguard is resposible for guarding the host at all times the host can only die a maxiumum of 6 times if they die more that then the game is over the bodyguard can kill enemies only to portect the host the host will do
  12. I was curious wat was the event for the pet if anyone knows plz inform me thank you :)
  13. Glitterhelm no doubt, ever since that 6h of running it with 2 pads to monk to 78. Ill play but i refuse to build itUBF :) all maps are the same to me all boring
  14. West

    Dlc issue

    O I did them on INS hc but sky I did on INS cause I hate boss Ty for info
  15. West

    Dlc issue

    For some reason my crystalian dimension won't unlock after doing the eternia shard dlcs am I doing something wrong just wondering thanks for reading
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