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  1. you only need ~700 tower movement for sky instead of 1750. i used 719 with a harpoon and traps Could you get a screenshot of the jump point you used to get the traps across the gap? I'm curious.
  2. er, how do you deal with the ogres that come out of the boxes, since you said your dps is kind of low. if there are no ogres, how do you change the spawn percentages to have no ogres? Ogre spawn percentages are set. Well, sort of. The only real thing you can do is eliminate options to the present, but this only can prevent a trap or an aura to show up (as it will not permit another aura or trap of the same type, due to placement rules) so in absolute theory, it actually increases the odds of an ogre showing up, as there's less options for the present in question to pick from. For Ni
  3. Wow...just...wow. You have no idea how much it pleases me just that someone goes into this level of detail. A question: would you recommend that new players play through campaign as and get a feel for all of the basic DD classes before trying to run Jester (i.e. so they actually KNOW on an instinctive level what the different auras do, how to aim the harpoon turrets they'll be moving around, etc.)? Well, I would suggest to play other classes first, because the Jester is for most part a very advanced class. I wouldn't say 'Not for beginners' but the class for its full potential needs
  4. The biggest problem with present testing is that it's really finicky. The only advice is to constantly do it, because it's very, very precise about it. It's hard to do at the best of times. If you find good mythical gear, you can get pretty far, and probably far enough to get to survivals where you can find transcendent equipment. I'm told some of the harder difficulty campaigns can give transcendent equipment as part of their rewards (the later ones) so it may be in your best interests to work on those. (Akititi Insane/Nightmare and Winter Wonderland Insane/Nightmare come to mind.)
  5. Sorry, that post was fun, really. All I wanted to do was see how people For most part, most of the replies in the post be quite correct - I addressed all the points. It mostly applies for Campaign (pre boss) and survivals. There's a damage threshold you'll need to clear for all maps. (This number varies depending on your setup of course, so I can't give you your magical figure) Once you clear that damage threshold, you're fine. If you clear it inactive, what I wrote above doesn't matter anymore - your minimum damage gets you over the line. (As an example, I can 'switch out' for Kings
  6. Did I get your attention? Good. I know it's late (would have been useful a year ago, because it might have changed the game culture) but this is one of those things where conventional wisdom might go out the window, particularly for Survival. ---- You remember the old conventional wisdom where you make a builder, armour up with no resists and up the tower stats? You'd then bring them out wave start, drop defenses, then switch out to your DPS and start the wave. It's why so many people grind their way through maps, trying to find trans or supreme gear, all to make builders that h
  7. An in depth look into Jester Appendix 6 - Wait, an ACTIVE builder? Why on earth...?This appendix came out of a summoner thread, talking about if it was a good idea to upgrade armour, and go active. I decided to actually put some hard numbers out just to see how much active actually can take away from you. This is VERY riveting math, and it just surprised me how the math ended up proving utter Jester tower domination. Within limits (If you can pull out the requisite defense out of your box, actually) Okay, I know it's powerful, but I think it's safe to say 'This wasn't part of the script!
  8. It's somewhere inbetween. (Consequently, why I said it was an estimate.) I got bored, so I decided to actually run a live test. These are real results, and are fully replicable, in the field. I'm using harpoons to demonstrate the point, but unless harpoons are broken in more ways than even I'm aware of, the damage scaling should be relatively the same across all defense types. Jesters do not influence damage in any way, only attack speed, and this is measured on a per shot basis. Or basically, the attack speed isn't displayed or calculated. All of these are conducted in NMHC Deeper we
  9. Active builder = 33% more damage (not very effective with the balanced DU usage atm (ignoring jesters), but it adds a crapton to MU output). How many stats do you think it takes to equal that... Let's help out with the math! Okay, this isn't precise (it's very close though) but it amounts to this: An inactive 3000 tower attack summoner (or anyone actually) is roughly equivalent to a 2000 tower attack one that's out. This only gets worse as you go up. 3600 is about 2400 attack, and so on. If you're only on 1000-2000 tower attack, the trade doesn't hurt so much (as the amount l
  10. [c3;741524']this is going to be my only response to you directly on this issue, so pay well attention to it. and also take great care to realize that 1: everything you have just said is completely wrong, and 2: half of what you said is 100% irrelevant to the issue at hand. 404 is 16.1% of 2500. my presents have 409 HP at 889 tower HP, so unless the game has some *** backwards inversion for present health versus tower health, you are blatantly lieing. *SPOILER* im not going to test this, because i do not care. yes, my other characters are more powerful builders than my jester, which
  11. Place them just prior to your walls. I personally use an "X" shaped pattern. They are ogre devastating. You heard the man, if placed right, they eat ogres alive, as long as you can keep them on the beam. The only reason I don't use them personally is because a Jester can't make one, and she's the only one with the equipment to make it stupidly obscene. That and I sort of like rolling. In terms of ogre hunting, the ranking (assuming identical stats for all characters) looks like this, vs a high end ogre that won't die in 10 seconds of a harp/fireball tower catching sight of it: E
  12. In tavern, 4.2k tower attack proton beam, 1700 rate x2 on a buff = 720k DPS 4.2k tower attack fireball tower, 2500 rate on a buff = 350k dps More stats in to fireball and does less than 50% DPS while costing 1 DU extra. Too bad proton beams have a range of... I don't know like 1? Pretty much. It's still the most damaging defense in Dungeon Defenders. It's pretty downright insane, when you get down to it. Deploying it is 99% of the problem though.
  13. The big joke is of course, if you sat down and did the math (I did so) that for pure damage on equal stats, you'll actually find that fireball towers actually do for their DU cost (As in, we're calculating as a damage/DU) more damage than their Harpoon counterparts. The amount is significant too - it's close to 50% more damage. There's only one exception to this rule, and that's if a Jester is the character that places the defense. (And this ONLY works due to the refactoring of the damage/DU (basically, the divisor changes) and the fact that harpoons under a Jester's command gain about
  14. I'm just waiting for 7.5k on a jester. It is possibru! But how many Jesters are there that actually are specced to this? ... Yeah, the list is sort of short. It's really short cause most of us who use one regularly tend to talk to each other. I'm only on 4.8k tower attack (With the option to push to 5.2)/3.3k (with the option to push to 3.8) tower attack speed and I'm very confident I can beat the listed squire. The attack speed of the squire can really hurt a harpoon's DPS. The squire will need to beat 1.4 million damage per second with the harpoon with just a level 5 buff beam to
  15. Thank you kindly for all your lovely advice. I'll admit I tend to not make many small presents, due to the large chance of getting nothing I want. How many of the possible defenses are generally worth keeping? 2? Sure they're cheap, and slow auras are definitely worth having (gas traps aren't anything to bat an eye at either, I suppose), but considering how hard it is to maintain a defense with just gas traps, low-tier defences and slow auras, I don't prioritize the small presents, and sometimes regret making them at all. You say you use a monk weapon--which you find better suited to gar
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