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  1. One of the main issues I encounter when talking about gear progression is many saying equip the highest sell value... which is ALWAYS legendaries, while many say don't equip legendaries... so... wtf?
  2. I've been trying various takes on the mule thing. No clear winner as to how to advance gear progression in a reasonable fashion. In Borderlands, there's obvious noteworthy progression. Not so much in DD2. It's very very slow, at best. In other grinding games, you can grind for an evening and get at least a decent upgrade. In DD2, you can grind a week and only get a minor upgrade. :/ Heck, even in DD1, get on a nightmare endless, and you could get numerous upgrades per run if you had a decent build. I feel like I'm fortunate to get a minor upgrade in a level that's appropriate to my gear 1 out
  3. Long time dungeon defender player. Played the crap out of DD1, gave Trendy around $150 total between alpha then launch for various stuff "supporter" packages. Stopped playing for at least half a year, then came back just before launch. So far, it's been frustrating how slow it is to progress. Next to no progress seems to be made from solo grinding. Getting a carry for a chaos tier 1 or 2 above where I'm geared gives me very minor upgrades, at best. Even after throwing around 20 million gold at gear upgrades and buying a crapload of higher level shards, I feel pretty damn wimpy, only being able
  4. So, the game often crashes. One thing I've noticed is that it often seems to happen while I'm typing something in in-game chat. Anyone else seem to have crashes more often when typing? Once, I merely had the game lock up, but resume in a few seconds... usually it's just a flat-out lock up and crash though.
  5. Yeah, I was an early access supporter too... game seems dramatically less stable now. I feel like I have more hard crashes now than I did a year ago in alpha.
  6. Actually managed to log in this afternoon... even was able to join a game on my 4th attempt... got half way through the build, then game crashed with a fatal error. Restarted the game, and was revisited by the infinite loop of YOU CAN'T PLAY THE GAME, LULULUUL!!1!! Sigh.
  7. If only the tab thing worked on the infinite loop... you can't bring up the console when stuff in the "high traffic" "failed to authenticate" "try again" combo. Only options are infinite loop, or click something other than yes/try again and have the game crash.
  8. So... I don't know how prevalent it is now, but I'm still getting the infinite "high traffic" error loop / am unable to play. This is a very frustrating trend. It's even more frustrating that I'm unable to change servers to try to avoid it since options are inaccessible while in the loop. When I break the loop, it still always results in a game crash too. I'm curious... is it a matter of netcode optimization? Game code? Not enough servers? Microsoft cackling maniacally while changing something in Windows 10 again? Apart from the big disappointment of none of the promised split-screen co-op on
  9. I've run into the infinite load screen quite a few times myself. Frustrating, since it breaks winning streak bonuses.
  10. Heya. It seems my gear is around Chaos 1 or 2 level, and I've been trying to figure out how best to tweak my gear so I can more readily make it to wave 3 when soloing Chaos 2 Which towers benefit most from Crit Damage as main stat or speed as main stat? I keep on getting tons of medallions with crit damage or speed as main stat :/
  11. With it's current implementation, the kick function works poorly. Often, you'll have a troll and either an AFK, uncaring, or troll's friend that won't vote on a kick when someone is nasty / rude. If someone is being nasty / rude, there's no easy in-game solution other than the kick... so, that means either sticking out a map with a toxic player and their harassment, or leaving the map. This is particularly frustrating if you're the primary builder on the map / spent the time to make an effective build. This issue is in desperate need of immediate addressing. Failing to proactively eliminate t
  12. Like DD1, part of DD2 for most players (I'm guessing, based on how I play), is the occasional 30 min. to 2 hours of organizing gear, doing incremental upgrades, then tossing out crap you won't use anymore. It would be nice to see simple tools for organizing loot in each bag while still being able to edit the contents of said bag (sort by item in bag rarity, sort by item type, etc.) I like the idea of rerolling useless shards. I would argue that being extended to all loot would be pretty neat. They sorta allowed you to put old gear to good use in beta by "melting" it to level up your other gear
  13. So... wow... continue to be surprised at how buggy things are going, y'all. Yesterday I had to use the EU servers since USA was pretty much kaput all evening. Today it's actually worse... I'm presented with an error immediately saying the servers are high traffic, followed by a "retry" or "exit" option. I can't even access the menu to change region! If I hit "retry," I just endlessly cycle through the message pop-ups. If I hit "End," the game crashes immediately. It would be nice to be able to access the options at least. Come on Trendy, you're capable of better than this!
  14. Yeah, haven't been able to log in / getting time-outs on PC for at least the last half hour.
  15. Dungeon Defenders without your own personal tavern isn't Dungeon Defenders. I'm not willing to pay for my own tavern. I just expect it to be part of the final game. If not, it'll just give me yet another reason to not play it. Either allowing Steam Workshop and/or payed and/or play to unlock options for customized UI styles and costumes is always a fun way to monetize.
  16. I've significantly cut down on my play time in DD1, but still poke at monthlies and wyvern tokens.
  17. I found, oddly, that I can still easily solo liferoot NM1... but the map rated for lowest iPWR / first in the list, I can't break past wave 2. Talk about wonky balance :( Based on rarely seeing any legendaries (I often don't see one in ten waves), I'm thinking the event itself may be broken.
  18. Hey Trendy, A few folks have mentioned some problems (major progression issues, various broken stuff, loot issues, etc.) on the forums. Because of the already mentioned problems, the monk event is currently inaccessible to almost the entire player-base (unless, for some reason, they want to farm monk legendaries that are 25-125 iPWR below their rerolled 240 gear or down-scaled 340 gear). As others have already stated, I'm afraid I have to agree that this is by far the biggest step backwards DD2 has taken in terms of fun and play-ability. With it being exceedingly difficult (nearly to the poin
  19. I agree that they royally jacked up the difficulty progression, ruining the "fun" value. I would also agree with what some said, that BEFORE the patch, DD2 was way too easy. Now, they've gone in the opposite direction with the progression curve being a cliff after "insane" difficulty. Going from insane to NM1 now feels akin to going from hard to NM2 pre-patch, in terms of the difficulty scaling. With most of my characters being in the 260-290 range from the two day serenity farm-fest gear nerf, I've been unable to solo past wave 2 of the first NM1 map. I've received zero loot for my efforts.
  20. Actually, I think I found the solution. Apparently, you can only make new heroes in the SOCIAL tavern. Not a game tavern.
  21. So, I have four level 50 heroes. I decided to make a 5th, but the "create hero" button is greyed out. I've tried removing all my heroes from my hero deck, but that didn't solve the issue? Is there a trick I'm overlooking to creating the fifth and sixth hero? I have two greyed out "empty hero slot" thingies that also don't seem to be a thing I can interact with. I recall hearing we could have up to six heroes before spending premium currency. Has this changed?
  22. I notice folks get eggs either before, after, or sometimes before AND after wave 15. It's definitely buggy.
  23. So, I have a daily quest to kill three special enemies. I've built and run a dozen or so free play hard liferoot maps and also did a few NMIV incursion runs of liferoot. I've yet to receive credit for killing a special enemy. How does one find and kill these special enemies?
  24. I've been encountering the black screen of doom very frequently as of late. Not sure if it's tied to Windows 10 or not.
  25. That is literally the first time I've heard someone disagree with my general sentiment. Why would I bother grinding something with the "stats I want" if they're drastically far below my power level? Liferoot NMIV incursion is currently the best effort to reward map (for gear) in the game, and NMIV onslaught rewards gear that is drastically lower in power level. It also takes more time, energy, and is more difficult than any non-onslaught map. If I applied your argument to ice cream, it'd be like saying NMIV incursion liferoot was a nice brand of ice cream at the corner store down the street,
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