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  1. CorruptedSo I've been going through many forums and now I've hit my peak. It's been a month since I've played my PS3 and the last time I played it, it said the file system was corrupted and it would restore itself. And so that's what I pressed. I let it go for about 2 hours, and about 10 seconds in, it got stuck at 12%. 2 hours later, 18%. I closed it :l Now I've gone through safe mode and everything, restoring file system overnight, but it was still stuck at "preparing, please wait..." and froze, as well as rebuild the database. And when I try the 5th option to restore the PS3 system(wit's end), it shows it's restoring default settings, and then it becomes a blank screen. Oh wait! Now it shows the system software can't run correctly...Connect storage media containing update data of version 4.21+... Well this is new. So I must reinstall the system software... Okay sorry but this is a huge chunk and I'm new at this and worried. I only bought this 320 GB a year ago and didn't play it a lot and was hoping for Black Ops 2 on this!! Reply quickly!!
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