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  1. gt: tinman289 anytime hey laura is it possible to let me get 100mil because of what happened last event with the connection
  2. i'm glad the color is darker. the white background was hurting my eyes sense the update, and it wasnt the easiest to read either
  3. what do you mean by help me out werent you in the event it kept telling me i failed to join from invite and wasn't able to join. she came into our tavern but the modifiers only affected her and the xp didn't work. she pulled my teammates into her tavern for the reward but i couldn't. Since she was behind schedule she said she could help me later around 8 but shes offline
  4. hey laura. you said you could try to help me out at 8 but you're not on anymore
  5. can someone link me to a chart of the required xp for leveling up. everything i find is only for pc. Also, does anyone know exactly why there is sooo much more xp needed to level on console. Thanks
  6. i voted 70 but really preferred it when there was only 78 cap. preferably with insane+ at the same time
  7. does anyone know if there is going to be an event this month because it seems pretty lete in the month for there to no be any details for it yet?
  8. well see i have seen guardians get that high but never an animus, atleast for that low a lvl
  9. a friend of mine has aquired a 112 or so upgrade squire animus for a 78 or less through a trade. I tried to tell him that i felt it was modded to that level req leaving the stats "normal". Your opinions?
  10. Can anyone link me to a tutorial on how to backup my saved game. I have looked and can't find anything useful or not pertaining to mods. Thanks
  11. ive had an issue where the reset time and the trap duration completely swapped for some reason. I could not figure out how to fix that.
  12. i use a 65^ soul focuser with 4k damage for 78. Best generic i used was 57^ with 3.4k damage for 78 as well. I still have it if someone wants to trade for it
  13. gt: tinman289 time: 5:00 pm paired with gt:destructionpath thank you
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