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  1. Ugh trying to do even Insane in Akatiti... 3 players... 9m HP ogres? No thank you. Can't imagine how NM will be like.
  2. So I've read on the wiki that the Turtle on Treadmill increases your speed by +20% - is this true? And is this speed increase for all treadmill pets?
  3. //Edit: You can also give Akatiti InsaneHC a try. It gives great rewards on insane, you can get some nice tower and dps weapons along with good accessories. Is it better than Tavern Defense's InsaneHC's rewards? Also what stats are needed and is the reward from the secret code in the map any good?
  4. Eh. No need to start from scratch. I started this October and still mid -70s waiting for my other three friends to be free so we can progress together. IMO, the real Dungeon Defenders starts at level 74. I easily did hard mode all the way up to level 70 then switched to insane. Insane is decent challenge if you stick with Godly equipment, but Nightmare difficulty you begin to be forced into certain strategies, and requiring DLC classes. Every tower is pretty easy to learn. Again, in my opinion, I feel like Squire's harpoon turrets are most used end game.
  5. I've been using a Shaitan + Pawn Shot for late Insane/early NM. ...I guess I should switch to Classics? Can I get a 200+ upgrade Myth from Boss Rush Insane HC? And which one do I replace? I like both of my old ones but I guess Shaitan might be obsolete in later NM...
  6. Builder stats are around 600-900, maybe a little higher, but I think I have a decent Myth set for my builders from farming and buying from shops. Now I guess the next step is to upgrade these pieces to get higher stats. Where is the fastest place with my stats to farm mana to up my gear? I've been doing the Halloween map which ranges about 70m-150m per run. Edit: Also what are the recommended resistances for NM? I already have 41% physical on all my pieces for my DPS gear and my active builder.
  7. Coming from a person who played Diablo 3... man, at least the loot system isnt like that piece of trash... Then again, I'm still breaking into NM so I dont know how you guys feel up there.
  8. I agree, if Trendy is doing a community style RPG for their next game, I hope they put a centralized market instead of being assed to go to each shop only to find low end myths being sold by some guy for 300m. The Defender Store was a pretty good starting point though. I found some nice deals for entering into NM that way.
  9. First off, yes, I know that Trendy does NOT host the store. I'm just wondering if anyone heard anything from Maydie whether he wanted to close it down permanently or not. I noticed that it hasn't been updated recently, for example it doesn't really recognize Steam Saws or Propeller Cats and that there are some player stores up on the list that are never online but always show on the search results.
  10. Lack of patches may be a good thing, as finally, after one year since release the, game is mature and stable :P Try using a Seahorse in a Halloween map.
  11. The biggest problem I have found with high health characters in Assault is that their mana cost for HP regen is extremely high, which is probably the reason why my App performed better (Overcharge + Heal with low HP pool). I guess the only other thing is to... increase resistance more I guess?
  12. I've been having troubling completing the AMPs, especially the last one. On top of that, the resistance penalty is HIGHER on Insane than in Nightmare, why is that? My current resistance is about 65-70 when knocked down Anyway, I currently am in the process of trying to get some early-mid Myths and to just get the assault pack over with, but it has been incredibly frustrating. Which class is setup to be the easiest to blast through with? I've seen Countess posted on threads way back when, but I've been having more trouble clearing maps with her than with my Apprentice. Only hero I dont ow
  13. ODamage caused just pisses off the ogre (i.e. aggro) and they attack whatever draws aggro. So block them with something that doesn't aggro them. Ah, so that's what I was doing wrong. Entry level NM has become a lot easier, but in a way, it kind of sucks how we get bottlenecked into relying on our towers instead of what my friends and I thought would be a hybrid leaning towards heroes, oh well. I also see how the DLC heroes are pretty good. Especially summoner in Overlord mode. I guess I found my main while my friends can build and DPS. :summoner:
  14. I've actually been doing Raining Goblins NM and getting about 5-10m each run. Probably sounds pretty low for you guys but this is IMMENSELY better than painstakingly doing Glitter Insane HC running back and forth to pop down those wyverns, only to have like 1m max each round. I'll try Magus Quarters NM tomorrow. we'll see how that goes...
  15. Raining Goblins NM was surprisingly easy. Easier compared to my attempts when I was doing Insane with lower end gear. Ogre Crush... not so much. Unless there's a better strategy that the slice and dice + bowling ball on each blockade, I dont think I can beat it. What's the best place for my level and stats to mana farm though? I've been doing Glitter Insane HC Survival, but it feels pretty slow and I wipe around the mid 20s when Wyverns and Dark Elf Warriors just swarm me.
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