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  1. Trendy, if you're watching this trainwreck, see this: http://zeboyd.com/2011/07/18/zeboyd-games-revenue-from-steam-exceeds-1yr-xblig-revenue/ You hear that? More money in less then 1 week on PC (Steam) then a year and a half on X-Box Live Arcade. So quit with the damn excuses and release already. * expletive expletive* I'm all for this game coming out like... today. That said, Trendy obviously wants a simultaneous release, not only to not annoy MS/Sony/Steam but also to have a healthy/happy player base all starting at the same time. They're not going to lose that much because of this wait, if anything having it stay near the top of Steam's "Coming Soon" is just free advertising. It'll come out in a month or two (or eight) and we'll all buy it despite our threats and they'll make a boatload more money than they would if they just broke down and released it on PC now (potentially threatening their console releases). It sucks, but it's life. Not going to say we should stop bitching, after all if we didn't have this place to vent we'd probably be hiding in the dev's closets... waiting for the right time to jump out... =P
  2. I think the forum levels should be based off of the five stages of grief... 1. Denial (25 posts) - "Still Thinks the Game is Coming Out" 2. Anger (100 posts) - "Here to Flame the Developers" 3. Bargaining (250 posts) - "Offering First Born to Play" 4. Depression (500 posts) - "Hopelessly Forlorn" 5. Acceptance (1 month inactivity) - "Moved On to Better Games"
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