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  1. We Completed it :) Flame of Rebirth: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1637182135 Emerald City: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1637181536 Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/mrcheesey/ I found out you can glitch through one of the cliffs: https://youtu.be/fJOvnKXpWBQ
  2. Thank you mr. KeenJammin Have a Happy Easter everyone
  3. yo, whats your shop called i cant find it. also if it is true that we are too far away for your shop to show up i may add you too if that is ok SID: Sir cheddington
  4. thank you for reply mang :)
  5. hi, can i get a check on this please: thanks
  6. Yep, you gain access to the secret room upstairs (that grants you a CCTV so you can spy on the tavern floor, a music box so you can change the music and a defenders forge) by completeing the orginal campaign you also get another secret room downstairs by achieving the ultimate defenders achievement (which also grants you access to another forge, music box and extra inventory slots)
  7. i like to spam proxy traps everywhere, then use a huntress guardian and stand near the portal
  8. depends on your stats, but if you are a level 64 wizard with half decent gear you should be able to do ramparts on hard or insane for xp, at least thats what i did back in the day. there should be some nice video guides on youtube to help you although they are old the setup still should be fine. :) at level 60 you should be trying to secure some godly gear if not then at least some legendary gear which can drop on hard mode, then you should try and create a setup for the maps on insane (or look one up) at level 60+ you should be able to complete the vanilla game so long as you have decen
  9. I too like to role new characters now, ive pretty much stopped using my main characters and started a new group of characters. Like you, the most enjoyment i had in DD was in the early stages of the game. managing to beat the summit boss and getting that secret room, getting that nice christmas mana from under the tree, after countless failed attempts managing to finally beat assualt on insane and getting my first ever blasticus. (although not my fondest memory) i also remember starting up alchemical laboratories on hard survival and it taking up pretty much the whole saturday, my friends
  10. the only problem with progression in this game is trying to get your first myths to attempt the nightmare difficulty, from there you can slowly collect myth gear. trans gear can easily be obtained using good myth gear. although it would be nice if OP's build was confirmed to work with lower stats fyi i dont really consider 3000 low.try more 2k or lower. edit: getting good gear is another story RNG is not very nice lol
  11. king's game is also nice xp and easier than tavern defense, though it is hard to recommend a map without knowing your chars and thier stats, back in the day glitterhelm was used to farm xp and mana. @pelusteve you can build a map using your builders then swap out to your barbarian he will gain the xp from the map. beter yet get a controller or emulate one on your keyboard and bring your barbarian in as a second player
  12. are we talknig about the greater turkey hunt the new one? i have not done it yet, so it would be good to try and get the achievment i have a decent jester, and im decent at using the wheel of fortuna http://steamcommunity.com/id/mrcheesey/ edit: provided we are on at the same time :D
  13. all of her tower stats buffs her buff beam, from what ive seen her tower hp will increase the resistance buff, tower attack will increase the attack, the range component will increase range buff and the rate will increase the rate buff of her buff beam. although the tower attack scales much better than the others
  14. I too have had that happen on king's game. i came back during the last wave to check whether it had finished, only to find all my towers had gone but still had mobs attacking me, i got on my dps toon and frantically tried to dps and summon presents only to find that the wave had already been won lol
  15. DoctorWillSeeYouNow http://steamcommunity.com/id/doctorwillcu/ Add me, I run CD anytime. Minimal Requiement: Minions or Aura/Traps/Buff Builders Monk or Barbarian for Gautlents Any DPS hero in OldOne And Fun. :D Hey, hey Doctor can i get in on this too? im missing the nightmare CD achievment too i have minions, auras, buffs, traps. my dps chars are mediocre tho in the region of 2k damage but i have a 20k+ seahorse i also have alot of FUN!!
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