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  1. If you close the game at the stat selection in the reroll menu your reroll stone is returned and your stats stay unaffected. People could use this to keep rerolling till they get to choose the stats they like in the reroll menu.
  2. I just like to have dailies fixed. Without getting new dalies there is no way for me to earn any tokens.
  3. I too would like to see this option!
  4. It is not, I don't have xfire installed on this pc and never had.
  5. I'm having the same problem. After pressing the play button 5 times I got this error 4 times and 1 successful connect to a social tavern (which lagged like crazy, but that's a bug already being discussed on another topic). Edit: Verifying the cache has not solved the problem. The problem still occurs after verifying. Some additional information which might be of help; Every time the loading failed I noticed the background picture on the loading screen did not load as well. The loading screen was just a black background with the loading icon spinning around. The time it did load successfully
  6. It is no legend, I've had one myself a week ago. That has been the only one so far though.
  7. This is the previous discussion we had on this https://www.dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/116458/guild-system´╗┐´╗┐ When I asked about guilds the devstream the answer was basically that it's something for way later down the road, which is quite understandable and I'm completely fine with that. That doesn't make it so that we can't line up some idea's for them . Personally I like the idea of a clash of clans style guild system. Each clan gets to fill a certain map with defences to protect their clan base (entrance to the clan tavern?) and other guilds can attack those bases assault style and by bei
  8. Well I go hide my self in shame in a corner then......thanks. This means my first suggestion can be scrapped, but I still think the filter is too tight as it is right now, it even filters certain numbers. Just this afternoon someone was unable to type 256GB for whatever reason.
  9. Hey guys. This game is coop based, and in order to work together you have to communicate. Many people try to do so but a lot of the times when typing a normal sentence half of the sentence gets blurred because of the profanity filter. A sentence like "upgrade the ballista" might get censored and end up as "upgrade the ******" because it contains the word ball. This causes frustrations and makes parts of the communication unclear. My suggestion is to either make an option available to turn off the profanity filter (this could be personal or lobby wide) or loosen up the filter and have it be les
  10. Will there be a guild/clan/group/team (however you like to call it) system in the future? Also, will assault make its return in some kind of way?
  11. I feel the same way about this. It also occurs that after waiting 10-20 second for leaving the map nothing happens and you're stuck waiting another 10-20 seconds. I hope they'll address this in the next patch.
  12. This is a very original and good idea, it is a creative spin on the original tower wars game type which never quite took off (because of cheaters and not many players playing it). I think in this way it might! Sign me up! Maybe we could also implement the assault gametype in this system. Each guild will have it's own map (might be the maps already in the in the game, or can be maps designed specific for this) on which they can place certain towers. People from other guilds can try to make it trough these defenses and reach the main base (the guild tavern?) for some sort of prize.
  13. The same happened to me just now with a boost aura. I'll be happy to supply the screenshots if that helps resolving the bug.
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