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  1. Awww that sucks! Eh, hopefully they put them in there so more people don't miss out!
  2. So My girlfriend bought the Complete pack on Steam yesterday on sale but Jester isn't a part of it? Did someone forget to add it to the pack? and is there any way you can just give it to her, I mean, she bought the COMPLETE pack.
  3. just want to add, for the Summoner, they actually have the same stat potential as all of the original classes, you just seem to find pets with better stats than you do weapons, and usually as mission rewards instead of anything else (Palantir / Boss Rush / Tavern Defense pets can be amazing) I stand corrected good sir. lately I've been getting great stuff! Must've just had bad luck. Eh, I am le noob.
  4. Yeah, I read a post about that after. They've changed crtl+click to +100 since now we can have 1000 points in any stat. ^.^
  5. How come we never saw a PVP conquest, control point based arena? I could be wrong but didn't Second Wave have this? You know, fight over Crystals in teams for points. Would really love to see this before you leave DunDef behind D: EDIT: I tried searching for this before I posted, all I could find was Karathiki Conquest. While almost the thing I'm talking about but more of a capture point A B C kind of conquest Red VS Blue style.
  6. On the UI side of things, we really need to be able to just hold in the mouse click or A on a controller to put points innto a stat quickly, having to click for each point for 600 points takes FOREVER.
  7. (I'm gonna underline this with I'm a nub so feel free to ignore this) I've always been thinking about the fact DLC character get extra stuff that the originals don't. Like how the barb gets two weapons, Jester and EV get a second weapon, and Summoner gets two pets. First, I want to go through the DLC's bonuses and why i think they're much better than originals. Summoner gets no weapons but Pets can up "tower" stats much more than a weapon could so for building there is a big difference. Barbarian gets two weapons and that HUGE DPS boost, Yes he's MADE for that, but I think that the
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