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  1. It's unfair that only Steam gets them, it also limits what Console players can play, I understand you couldn't put in series, clown, barbarian and stuff, but even if you ATLEAST put in the Summoner, it will give Players a new way to play, and you can price at around $5.00 for PS3 and 400 MSP for Xbox, if you agree on getting Summoner (at minimum) on console, then help me let Trendy know we want classes for console too!
  2. Its already as much as tower units, so its up to people to do math, this sounds good too, also i hope they just add Summoner to 360 altogether
  3. I was thinking that the character customization is too dull, people still basically look alike with the way their armor looks. So maybe there should be a special armor editor, so you can change things like helmets, crests, accessories, etc. It would make sense that some can be bought, and some specifically earned from accomplishments or levels being beaten on so-and-so difficulty. It would give people more creativity, and also add some individuality to players! I hope the guys at Trendy consider this :) and also if it can be for console (which i only play) it could be something that would give players more reason to want to play levels again. EDIT: And another idea it would make sense that as players hit higher levels (ranging from 1-70) that they can get fancier and more detailed pieces of armor for reaching the levels, and Stats ups for having a special set, for example, A player has all of the Knightly set, he gets 4% extra resist to Poison. Also before you all start saying "Oh this is basically usual armor sets" and QQ about it, it would just be so again, people would want to play more, and have more goals to try and reach, again this is for mainly appearance, not for stats, the stat thing is just an extra possibility, and a special set could add an aura, like if someone has the Majestic set, an Aura of white glowing energy would trail behind, but would be gone for PvP as not to give way to people.
  4. I'm 12 and spend my time doing the opposite of play it... I troll it
  5. i think this belongs in off-topic discussionIt should be int the not many really care since this franchise came and went and belongs on a different site XD
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