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  1. Jessica.

    Contest [ENDED]

    Well this was the cutest one I could find in stock.
  2. If you guys would like to extend the conversation, please do so in PMs as this is still strictly trading. :)
  3. Son of a....you win...this time...
  4. Damn cat you really want that mail chest dont you?
  5. #1 Arm Guard of Earth #2 Stieglitz #3 Amor Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197983138789/
  6. I, for one, am very supportive of this idea. It would bring my passion back for DD to start farming some variety of pets and adding them to my collection. :) I mean it IS the next best thing to AMOR.
  7. So....who is this traced to? I'm not asking for an image (yet), but the person who supposedly had the item.
  8. Well if you've never seen a legit Capt. Isom, you probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference. But I know who you're talking about (AgentofShieldDaisy aka isaac aka IsaacZakiDeorosn) or whatever he wants to call himself. (And yes I am calling him out because he hasn't learned his first lesson after he was banned for hacking on his first account, so he comes back AND IS STILL hacking currently; ie level hacking with his friend "teresa" aka "vaporz/boots"). Back to the subject here, the Capt. Isom IS in fact hacked. And I believe he tried to pass it to another player named moskung. I'm not sure of the details on whether or not the trade had been completed, but he's been desperately trying to sell hacked items and passing them off that he got them from his friend vapors aka teresa. He also tried to pass them off that he got them from an event host, which never happened. Soo...just a fair warning for those of you who don't know.
  9. A lovely poem about my RNG. Thanks :) My oh my, can I ever get a break from this game All I get are these cursed, godlies, and myths; they’re all the same Really? Game please hear my cry Kicking myself in the shin is what I try Surely this game will give me what I desire Rest assured, that my dreams are now crushed :squire: Now that you’ve heard my side of the story Goodness gracious, please give me something good before this turns gory
  10. I'll buy 2 tickets as well: 13 and 66. I have super bad luck...sooo....hit me up.
  11. Stop necroposting and whatnot to try and get your post count higher. That's not acceptable here. And yes. please enlighten all of us where you got your "events" and "double cap diamonds".
  12. I mean it is a decent crescent, but the fact that it has neg rate/range (esp range) discourages me from bidding. :\
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