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  1. Is it possible I could have an official response by Trendy?
  2. Yeah well all the other servers lag for me (as I already mentioned).
  3. I live in Aus and all the other servers lag for me. What server am I supposed to play on now?
  4. PDT is still the dominant tower in the game, and I tried using the Slimes, Harpies and Hornets but they're just too weak. Are the worth using at this stage?
  5. I don't really know what passives I should be looking for as I don't know how to use her yet. What's the best way to use the Dryad as a builder? What towers/strategies should I be doing?
  6. So will it still be included in people's builds after the nerf? Because I haven't played the game in a while and it seems people have moved on from using archers.
  7. I want to catch up on the current meta of the game but I'm afraid if I start farming for it there'll be no point if PDT does eventually get nerfed.
  8. If you can do onslaught, then go for it. The round later on start dropping only around 690+ gear, which is actually quite high. Do onslaught only if you have time though, maybe around 2 hours to get some good gear. Does your character [with 695 iPWR] have gear that are upgraded or not? If not then that is also high.
  9. Can you actually buy character costumes with defender medals?
  10. I'm pretty bored from the game as there's pretty much no much to do as of now (once the Lavamancer comes it'll be a different story), but what's everyone doing in the game now?
  11. I have 10% archer damage on all of my armour (also they are upgraded) and I only have at least 25k archer damge, how is it that PC players can reach 40k+ but us PS4 players gotta deal with defenses that deal low damage. No wonder the game is "easy" for PC players. I'm not saying the game is hard for PS4 but we should be equal not only in update timing, but everything else in the game.
  12. Wanna hear a joke? The buff for the original heroes.
  13. With the addition of the game browser, there is only Defense, Challenges and Onslaught. Onslaught is the same, Challenges is basically end-game incursion, and Defense is basically "freeplay/endgame".
  14. So assuming the archers are going to be nerfed to a point where there's not point in using them anymore, what's everyone going to result to other than protons?
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