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  1. ahaha! there must be something in the pants the dog wants LOL
  2. Byang97


    It would be nice, but it has been discussed before and it is just not in the cards for us! Oh well right! At least the game is fun! aha yh youre right :)
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    They should add Pro mode to Ps3 & Xbox.
  4. Hey guys im new to this forum thing so if i can get some help that would be nice. And i also need help levling up my characters as listed below. :monk: level 72 Goal: 78 :apprentice: level 75 Goal: 78 :huntress: level 75 Goal: 78 :squire: level 72 Goal: 78 plzz i need help, my psn is Dramxitcs- message me asap I SPECIAL GIFT WILL BE GIVEN TO ANYONE WHO HELPS.
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