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  1. More stupid jokes by the tavern keeper if there is one. I used to love those they were awesome. How about armour and weapon racks where you can place unusual looking gear or full sets of different armors Customisable paintings on the wall made from in game screen shots Self updating high score table chalk board on the wall which shows you and your friends top scores for some friendly competition
  2. They need to fix reflects so choppers do not shoot under the beams... This. Every time this!
  3. Recently doing this I've not been upgrading the other crystals but the djinn still desummon the auras. It's very annoying.
  4. Teebor http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197970604668/
  5. According to the team, anyone who wants Second Wave is going to have to purchase it through the Bundle. I had second wave in my apps list from long ago and it installed when I browsed though my app history on the play store and then downloaded the updates and I can play via gamespy. Are you saying that shouldn't have worked or is unexpected? Should I be getting the Humble bundle version instead? Is it different?
  6. Saturday A Teebor http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197970604668/
  7. O.o I'm not going anywhere... I don't know where you are getting that from. I didn't say once that I'm not going to play. Sorry I just kind of assumed since the 'I am done' Glad you are sticking around then your guides are always worth reading. Best of luck with the stuff you are giving away
  8. May I have a builder set? Appropriate user name Sorry to see you go draemn. I hope you miss us and to come back
  9. on each side of the airship there's a rocket turret. the fans are right next to them! Did not know this. You have no idea how grateful I am for you paying this tip. Thank you
  10. like I said, unless you have someone purposely trying to ruin your game, politely ask them to leave. Most people can't read minds and don't know if you want them there or not, even if you think the reason is obvious. What I REALLY don't understand is people who make games with names like join = kick. I've never understood that one myself. If you don't want people to join, why did you make the game public? Then with the "only want 2/3 people for this" why don't people just use the hide match button in the menu instead of leaving it open and having to kick everyone that joins? I wish I cou
  11. Cue Dam Busters music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gSQkpfuGZ9A&feature=youtube_gdata_player 44 seconds in if you are impatient
  12. I will regularly build a map and then leave it for anyone at all to join. That way lower levels can get some xp and items. However I always name my game that way so people know. I also don't boot people unless you really piss me off. However I know what you mean I joined a game recently that was marked for low level players as I was starting a new char I happened to be on a low level at the time. The host waited until the build phase for people to spawn in to the game and then booted everyone. I just keep a list of players that I don't like and if I see them join my game I boot them. T
  13. Lol nice. I bet his gear was all hacked to crazy numbers :-) You can press escape and bring up hero stats that way so you can see peeps stats without having to be near them
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