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  1. DD:A looks promising, I hope it lives up to its goals.
  2. A Raven Monologue (Published by Toge Productions on steam)
  3. ends in 5 days on 3/15 at 10pm CST
  4. I already have them, but I would take them at 20cv each
  5. Have an extra that I got from one of Oli's giveaways a while back, and I have some other events that I'm missing that I would like to buy, so I am auctioning it. Currency Accepted: Cubes Coal - 6:1 Un-upped diamonds - 5/10/15 Ult+/++ gear (message pics for value) Events Accepted ( just listed the ones I am missing, will take others as well, message me for value): Ball Blaster - 20cv Queen Georgia - 15cv Gaia's Last Gift - 20cv Golden Roost - 15cv Howling Werewolf - 40cv C/O: 50cv scarss Ends 3/15 10pm CST
  6. helm has ended, everyone please message me on steam to trade
  7. everything but helm 3 has ended, message me on steam to collect
  8. I accept cubes, coal, and diamonds at 5/10/15. I also take event items, but I doubt those will be needed on this auction. https://gyazo.com/collections/875235e46da7bb97e46e077cd761e30a Boots 1: Boots 2: 2cv Mamba Gaunts 1: Chest 1: 7cv spidermane Helm 1: Helm 2: 1cv Thale Helm 3: 5cv gibson Auction will end in a week on 3/1 at 8PM CST. Any bid will extend an item by 24h to prevent sniping. (sorry forgot to put this on here originally)
  9. Looking to buy a cinnamon off of someone, have cubes coal and some ult pieces you might like. Add me on steam, or let me know your price on here, thanks.
  10. are hero health and attack positive on the drag?
  11. Buying at 1cv:12 runs. (looking to spend around 15 cubes max atm) have 1 single cap I will sell for 100 runs, and 1 non cap for 50 runs. hit me up on steam if you are interested in running :)
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