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  1. DD:A looks promising, I hope it lives up to its goals.
  2. A Raven Monologue (Published by Toge Productions on steam)
  3. ends in 5 days on 3/15 at 10pm CST
  4. I already have them, but I would take them at 20cv each
  5. Have an extra that I got from one of Oli's giveaways a while back, and I have some other events that I'm missing that I would like to buy, so I am auctioning it. Currency Accepted: Cubes Coal - 6:1 Un-upped diamonds - 5/10/15 Ult+/++ gear (message pics for value) Events Accepted ( just listed the ones I am missing, will take others as well, message me for value): Ball Blaster - 20cv Queen Georgia - 15cv Gaia's Last Gift - 20cv Golden Roost - 15cv Howling Werewolf - 40cv C/O: 50cv scarss Ends 3/15 10pm CST
  6. helm has ended, everyone please message me on steam to trade
  7. everything but helm 3 has ended, message me on steam to collect
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