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  1. I'm glad I gave away all my stuff from the original game as it made it so much easier to jump into DDE. I know I wouldn't have returned to DD1 regardless of any patch, but the anti-hacking and some other stuff got me interested enough in DDE to try it out. I can definitely see why it'd suck for the rest of you though. I'd probably be rather pissed if I still played DD1 myself as DDE steals away the majority of its community.
  2. 2010? I suppose that may be true. I've been over 180 CM since elementary school. ^ True. Fun fact, I wasn't even the tallest in my class (have a friend who's currently over 2m). While I stopped growing early junior high he just kept on growing.
  3. Congratz Josh, enjoy your wedding. ^ We'll need some pictures, otherwise this is how I'll imagine it.
  4. Possibly, though I got decent stats (5k+ on all tower chars except Apprentice). Though I've never actually tried Turkey, Silent Night or TL NM yet. Though I've cleared TL on insane survival. With the right build, should be able to clear all of those since I definitely have the stats. It's mainly the turkey hunt I'm worried about as it requires (unless nerfed) a full team with good co-operation. That's the main reason I'm offering so much as it won't just be for a single player. Btw, can't find you on steam.
  5. Steam ID: ihadalife_ I'm EST, available from 4pm-10pm on weekdays. All day on weekends. Add me :D Edit: So that means I get on around 10 PM your time, you'll be on then? I will, although not the best time. You got a team or something for the greater turkey hunt? I remember that one being a pain in the ***.
  6. I quit the game for quite a while ago, but looking back I regret not obtaining 100% achieves first. I have nearly 700 hours of active gameplay, but I gave away all my gear and most my currency before quitting. I do however still have a few valuable items laying around. I'm 99% sure everything is legit as the items I didn't get myself I got from trustworthy traders. I don't have any sets left, so unless you lend me some I'll be completely useless. I do have all characters level 100 tho. I'll want to keep a couple of the items in case any new achies come out, but you can have nearly all o
  7. Bumping this to make sure Trendy don't forget!
  8. It doesn't, there is absolutely no point in this!
  9. The head stream through you! :P The head steams through you* it's double typo ;p
  10. Sorry about the typo. Yeah, I had to make some guesses about colours for people with colours that weren't working out for me. Only reason I used your alt colour is because someone made your main colour. If you do win voting, fixes can be made (sadly, I don't think swapping colours). I did read through all the earlier entries before mine to ensure none were the same. I must've just not seen it or something. That's the annoying part, it's ofc quite understandable though. All my fault =/
  11. One of those whom reserved a spot stole my color scheme, so my item is wrong in both colors and description. I can see it will be a devastating defeat on this one. I like Rizzo's though, so it got my vote ^^
  12. Wrong picture and description on mine... I see now someone stole my color scheme in a post before me. It's "The heat streams through you, empowering you." Not "The head steams through you, empowering you" Oh well, crap item is crap ^^ Rizzo, you got my only vote Edit: Have to vote for 4 =/
  13. I don't know where you gathered that information from, but according to Classic22, they don't exist: Ultimate Acc DO NOT exist. Mang has simply made a mistake. I got the information from the mistake and the people confirming it I suppose. Didn't see classic's post on the topic.
  14. In order to write hidden text you must use the color code f0f0f0. The probably easiest way to do this is just click the Text Color icon and choose black. Then you'll get the color code [[1124,hashtags]] at the left of the text. Just change out that code with [[2221,hashtags]] and it will be seen as invisible. This is because it's the same color as the background This can be used for any hidden message, or just to avoid the 5 characters rule (at least to avoid using 5 visible characters) Edit: In case anyone didn't get it... this is completely pointless
  15. I believe ultimate accs actually are possible tho.
  16. http://dungeondefenders.wikia.com/wiki/Kobold_on_Treadmill
  17. Nothing wrong with this. If you ever wonder if an item is possible in the future you should visit the item check thread.
  18. In case anyone missed it Draemn is currently streaming. He's showing of the suggestions, and I think creating some of them.
  19. Any event host who can take this off Dredd's hands as he seem to be on a rather long break? Would be really nice to see the results.
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