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  1. Now whether they provide a legitimate source of similar quality items in near future will determine what kind of message will be left there for long-time players. "There will be another way to get supreme accs coming soon whether you have been naughty or nice" - Jer.
  2. Basically what happens is that all possible weapons get a stat pool. Then numbers added for wave number to produce a better stat pool with each progressive wave. That is how we get better drops at latte waves. Depending on the values put into a item, that determines how it gets labeled. (Myth, trans, sup, Ult, whatever) It's under Trendy's "Look, it's green, it's better than what you got" system. You pick a Jester or EV on high wave, you get Ult weapon drops everywhere, because there is two weapons pools added, and the numbers are bigger. You just play a monk, I have yet to see one
  3. You still need the number pool though so I normally run Monk, and 1 summoner with tower app.. Split screen. That normally gets me a ult drop every game.. or at least a couple supreme... Can someone explain to me this number pool? I hear this term getting tossed around a lot, but can't find any info about it.
  4. Got this game during the 75% off sale with a couple of friends and it's been decent so far. We've been doing a tower squire, tower app, DPS Huntress and monk but after reading the forums for a bit, it's been a bit discouraging. I'm the one currently rolling a DPS Huntress since it seemed like auras/squire and app towers did the job for Hard Mode, but then I'm reading that Huntress has low survivability late game and I should just switch to a DPS monk. Should I, if I want to play optimally? With Nightmare+, is it people just build with their tower alts and then switch to a Monk DPS durin
  5. update the drivers? how about any other game that uses the unreal game engine? :s Updated the drivers this morning, still same problem with every setting on and off. Hmmm im not sure if I have a game that uses the unreal engine.
  6. Oh, they look really cool :D Haha actually it causes a lot of other werid pixel problems with monsters to. I verified cache and it didn't work, and all other video games run fine. Oh well. thanks for the tips y'all!
  7. Hi all, I just posted this in the bugs section, but I wanted to see if anyone in general might know how to fix it or have the same problem. I keep getting blue spots when I fight with a sea horse. Anyone encounter this before?
  8. Hi I keep getting these blue spots from sea horses I also have the same blue pixel problems from genies. When I fought kraken, he would look glitchy and i'd see black pixels instead of tentacles. How do I fix this? Thanks
  9. 1) NMHC tavern defense campaign is by far the best XP atm (especially for the difficulty) End game solo is 100% viable. I can do any map bar Talay and Palantir solo, and only tavern defense I need to be truly active for. This is all on my own gear, I dont trade. On average, a complete survival run takes 2-3 hours. However, you can start as high as you like (still no loot on the first wave including pets, but it's a great time-saver) Woah 2-3 hours? Thats not as bad as before.
  10. Uber monsterfest isn't really that good these days. The best challenge as far as getting cool stuff is boss rush. Ah alright, just wondering if challenges were still worth running.
  11. I'm not going to hit all your questions directly, but I will cover a few key points. Survival is shorter than it was when you were playing. the base number of mobs went down on most maps, as well as the increase in numbers from adding more players was also reduced. Summoner is strong but he doesn't really stand alone that well. Giving him his own resource pool was really the only way to allow the RTS concept to have much to it at all. In order to use him effectively he does need to be supported by other kinds of defenses, but when you do, he's awesome. Most content in the game can be
  12. 1. - Pretty much any nm survival with the largest mob count afaic. 2. - Yes a perfect Kobold is IMHO the best pet for afk tower builders. 3. - ??? 4. - One Accessory? No you can have on a mask with wristbands etc etc. 5. - Yes and I do not believe the cap has changed since you left. 6. - The game is balanced fine, the summoner is kind of made for the sole purpose of being an extra builder in any situation that can help out on maps with excess mobs. 7. - NMHCMM Survival on Tavern Defense/Kings Game/The eternia shard missions etc etc. 8. - Yes you can but you have to be well geare
  13. Hi all, I'm a returning player to Dungeon Defenders. I had 820 Hours () logged into DD and really loved this game. I left my tavern unlocked, lost everything and decided to quit. I quit when nightmare mode and the first crystal shard quest was introduced, and people were etiher doing survival for giraffes or soloing Uber Monsterfest. I read the "returning player's guide", but I still have tons of questions. 1. How are people leveling the quickest from 74 - 100? 2. What is the new giraffe? Is it those kobolds? and are those what all tower chars should have? 3. What are cubits? (tradi
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