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  1. arg, bummer. =/ Please fix this trendy :summoner:
  2. Hey, Yesterday I got a very nice ult++ steam robot after beating winter wonder land on nmhc it spawned at 616 tower damage, with 362 upgrades. After spending several billion on it I had my ult++ pet with 977 tower damage and one upgrade remaining. All good. However; if someone else looks at my stats they only see 361 tower damage; no matter if I'm in my own game or in the game of someone else. Does this also mean it's less effective to use in games hosted by others? Greetings ~Freaky
  3. Almost 800 hours played now, farmed quite some nmhc boss rushes, survivals and have yet to see my first ult gear drop. I've seen a few sups that were interesting, but I still haven't even got full trans on my builders, since some of the (older) mythical items were simply better. Finding upgrades is almost impossible. With that, the items that are dropped in the new map have some crazy stats, items that if I would've seen them in a store would get my suspicions. That makes it even harder to find legit, good gear in stores. Now that I'm thinking about it: does only summoner work to get only gear on the new map campaign?
  4. It's the same in talay and moraggo (both going to 35 and only starting at 28 max)
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