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  1. Little overview of myself, I got a alpha key during the PC give-away and played a little then left it. Didn't want to burn myself out in such an early version of DD2. However I came back to DD2 yesterday, spent a fair few hours playing and level'd a few characters. I don't own DD:Eternity and I have over 500 of hours on DD1. I love defensive games, I spent so many hours in my school years playing Warcraft 3 custom maps rather than doing homework, so hopefully I can have some positive suggestions. Firstly I'm sorry if some of these have already been suggested before, I know a lot of them wil
  2. I really liked the old system, the ability to make folders to sort our own items. It would be nice to see that system back because it was so user-friendly and as efficient as the user wants to make it. However I know DD2 plans to make extra-bags purchasable so instead of extra bags being purchasable, why not just make it more item-space being purchasable. so it would be win-win. Anyways back to the current system. A few of my own suggestions to add to your original post. #1: A button which allows you to auto sort by section. (Study/Staffs/Bows/Etc...) #2: A button that lets you sell
  3. I came across this guy with the following polearm, picture below, and I'm kinda new to the whole 'high end' weapon/item trading and I was wondering if anyone can tell me if its legit since it seems too good to be true... Thanks in advance and if this is in the wrong section feel free to move it.
  4. Can anyone help me with a few questions I have? 1. What is best for monk dps, Ranged or Melee? And why because Ranged seems best to me 2. What is the best weapon for dps Ranged monk? 3. What is the best weapon for dps melee monk? 4. What is the highest dps ranged weapon you've seen? With +5 So far I've decided dps ranged is best with +5 bolts? But I find Wrench is the best for this but can only get to 40k ranged damage... I appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.
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