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  1. Mostly 83 to 90 because my dps is at 90 and traps almost at 85 plus my squire and monk are about to hit 83
  2. If you want I can show u mine in person just add or invite me psn:amenaza727
  3. Undying rod I don't even have to explain
  4. For insane+ I just do alchem labs, ramparts, endless and glitter and honestly alchemical lab is only for focusers
  5. Well I mean I've been having pretty good luck, not all that good but I farmed a 93^ halberd and an 89^ arronax in one run
  6. Theres not gonna be dd2 because all they would even have to do is add more dlc to the original
  7. I farmed myself a nice 189^ undying rod but it was sadly for 90 ):
  8. I know what's going on trust Me I've been here a while
  9. No progectiles noooo!!!!! I would be so mad
  10. Well if you add me on psn: amenaza727 I can show you a hard,insane,and insane+ build it's very good but you at least need 74 for insane
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